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Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm


Do you have time to talk?”


“Sure, sit down and let’s talk”


“I have something that I am concerned about and”




“Hold that thought, I have to respond to this email”


“Okay, you were saying”


Yes, well as I started to say


Buzz, Buzz, Buzz


“Oh, I’m sorry, just take a sec to text this person back”

Texting- “yep with her now, LOL Be back soon”


“Alright you have my full attention, now what is it that you are concerned about?”




“Oh, I almost forgot I have a conference call in one minute that I must dial in to. Go ahead and talk, what are you concerned about?”


Mom, I have been trying to tell you that I am pregnant!”



Are you distracted, uh yes, I am asking you are you distracted in your day to day life? Your answer is probably is a big yes! Many of us live a distracted life. The technology that promised us a more productive life with more time for leisure has created a multitude of ways to distract us.  When you stop and think about all the distractions available in a day it is no wonder that we feel somewhat distracted. The phone is ringing, the text messages are flying, the emails never seem to end and then there is the allure of the Internet where we can easily distract ourselves as we update our Facebook, Twitter away, read blogs, look for the next great sale, keep connected on LinkedIn, check E-bay for something we must have, etc. Add to this that in many homes the television is never off and if it is we are plugged into our IPods; it is a wonder we can focus on any one thing at all. We have become a world of multi-taskers who are distracted to the point that we have lost touch with our true self, our friends, family and the world at large.

Note I am not knocking any of the technology that is available to us. I am a huge fan of technology; I use many of these things daily in a way that enhances my life. I am concerned that many people have become so distracted that they lose themselves in the distractions of life.

Often times we use distractions as a way to avoid that which we would rather not face. The thought is if I keep myself busy I won’t have to face my responsibilities or that I won’t have time to look within for fear of what I might discover about myself. The distractions become like a drug that numbs our minds, which helps us to suppress emotions that we fear experiencing.

These distractions also prevent us from connecting to other people in our life in a real way. Yes we may know what there doing because we can gather that from their Facebook or Twitter page and may even leave a message on their “wall”; however we are not really connecting at the level that we as loving beings need to connect.

Being distracted hurts our relationships, it hurts our relationships with those whom are closest to us and it hurts the most important relationship we have and that is our relationship with our self!

It is critical to our well being and growth and the well being of all that we take time each day to turn off all of the noise and remove the distractions from our life. We must make a conscious effort to hear the silence. We must make a conscious effort to connect with ourselves and others in our life by disconnecting from all of the distractions for a period of time each day.

Love yourself enough and love others enough to give undivided attention. When someone comes over to visit shut off the TV, turn off the cell phone and have a conversation and build a true connection.

At work, when someone comes into your office to talk, turn off the monitor, take the phone off the hook, turn off or ignore your cell phone and have a conversation and build a true connection with each other.

Make time for yourself each day where you disconnect and remove the distractions from your life in order that you may hear the silence and travel within to discover the most amazing of places, the most exhilarating experiences, to know the pure love whom you are. Embrace the opportunity to truly remember who you are!







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