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Posted Aug 10 2009 4:32pm

It has not been my day so far (kind of sad to say that before noon!).  I hope to be in much better spirits when I do my next post.

I was so proud of myself last night because I actually stuck to my goal and got in bed before 10.  But then?  Bupkes, I couldn’t fall asleep!  I woke up at least three times and in fact I even got out of bed and ran to the computer in a fruitless search to find the name of an old book.

Sidenote: Do You Know the Name of This Book - It was written at least 10years ago.  It was about a boy and a girl who runaway from camp.  The boy and the girl are both unpopular so as a joke the other campers steal their clothing so they swim in a lake and run away.  They find a cabin and they stay there.  At some point they steal a hot dog.  One of them has glasses.

This morning, due to lack of sleep, we totally missed our planned 6:45 wake-up and I didn’t stumble out of bed until after 10.  We pulled it together and went for a 2mile run but that same route took us 23minutes!  To be fair, we walked some because I wore my cross-trainers instead of my running shoes by accident and my ankles were feeling abandoned.

After we got home I made a stupid mistake and locked us out!  It was a stupid embarrassing rigmarole.

Some positives -

  1. I am proud of myself for wearing spf 55 while we ran
  2. At some point it is impossible that I will not start to get back into shape and 2miles won’t be so hard
  3. We have super super fun plans today and there is no way they won’t cheer me up
  4. This evening we are using one of our more exciting wedding gifts to make something fun

What were the lowest and highest points of your week?

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