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Discerning Caveat Signs of Diabetes

Posted May 11 2010 1:51am

Since type 2 diabetes could lead to some grave health complications hence it is crucial that there is awareness regarding any of the warning signs of diabetes and undergoing testing for diabetes in case these symptoms are being experienced. Diabetes when treated early would ensure most effectual treatment and could assist in preventing diabetes related complications.

Caveat Signs of Diabetes

At times, type 2 diabetes could arise without any caveat signs. Factually, around one-third of all individuals having type 2 diabetes are unaware of its presence in their bodies. Hence, it is vital that individual risk for diabetes be discussed with the doctor and ascertained whether one needs to undergo testing.

Commonly observed caveat signs of diabetes comprise of:
  • Heightened thirst.
  • Signs of diabetesAugmented hunger particularly post-meal.
  • Oral dryness.
  • Recurrently urinating or frequently occurring urine infections.
  • Inexplicable weight reduction despite proper food intake and sense of hunger.
  • Weariness – feeling weakness, exhausted.
  • Blurry eyesight.
  • Headache.
  • Becoming unconscious – Diabetic coma.

In case one has been experiencing any of these caveat signs of diabetes then promptly seeking medical advice and scheduling diabetes test. By adhering to the apt diabetes diet, regularly exercising and medicines, in case necessary, type 2 diabetes management is easily attainable along with an active and dynamic existence.

Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar develops due to blood glucose (sugar) plummeting to risky lows for fuelling the body. Hypoglycemia though not an ailment yet is a condition resulting due to an array of causes.

Hypoglycemia is prevalently a complication associated with diabetes therapy and known as diabetic hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia develops due to excess intake of insulin or delayed meal time or other drugs for diabetes, presence of other ailments or excess activity.

Several hypoglycemia caveat signs include feeling nauseous, stressed out, nervousness, swift cardiac beats, mood variations, blurry eye sight and problems trying to walk. Acute hypoglycemia could lead to unconsciousness, seizure attacks, coma and could even be terminal.

Hyperglycemia and Diabetes

Hyperglycemia or elevated blood glucose levels could cause several caveat diabetes signs . Hyperglycemia could develop due to skipped or forgotten insulin or orally taken glucose-reducing medication, consumption of excess grams of carbohydrates for the levels of insulin administration being taken, basically consuming excess grams of carbohydrates, overall, or due to being stressed out or some form of infection.

Other Caveat Signs of type 2 Diabetes Complications

These would comprise of:

  • Gradual healing of sore or cut.
  • Skin itchiness generally in the region of groin or vagina.
  • Recurrent yeast infections.
  • A recently occurred increase in weight.
  • Velvet-like, darkish skin alterations of the underarms, groin and neck known as acanthosis nigricans.
  • Lost sensation and tingling felt in feet and hand areas.
  • Reduced eye sight.
  • Impotence.
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