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Dinner Out? Then Two Plates of Vegetables with Lunch

Posted Sep 22 2012 2:24pm

Dinner out at a restaurant on a Saturday or Sunday?  Then my easy strategy is to roast or steam two large plates of vegetables to go with my lunch.  It’s the weekend, so why not take 45 minutes mid-day to roast a large tray of vegetables?  It gives me the flexibility to order a light entrée or appetizer for my dinner at the restaurant without feeling deprived of my large quantity of plant-based food.  Most restaurants consider the vegetable a decoration more than the centerpiece of the  meal.  Usually, it’s a sprig or two of broccoli on the side of the entrée.  Even when I double the vegetable order, it’s usually a big whopping four sprigs!?  No wonder it is hard for people to avoid the bread, chips or too many white carbs while out.

Tonight we have a family dinner at a favorite restaurant.  So for lunch, I wanted to fill up on plenty of vegetables.  First, I chopped and rinsed fresh broccoli, squash, cauliflower, and red onion, and placed on a large tray.  I sprayed it with olive oil using my Misto, and sprinkled turmeric spice and black pepper on top.  Popped it in the over on 425 degrees for 45 minutes.

Then, I ate 1 oz of cheese and a handful of orchid nuts for some good salty tasting protein, and did some errands around the house.  45 minutes later, I had two plates of roasted vegetables with a side of ½ avocado.  I’m royally stuffed, yet my entire vegetarian lunch was under 500 calories, with plenty of filling fiber and some healthy fat to last for hours.

Easy peasy!  And of course, I will take 5 minutes before we leave tonight to look up the restaurant’s menu online for a sneak peek at a healthy choice.  Then, I can focus on my family, conversation, and a relaxed get together.

Bread basket in front of me?  No problem and not even interested.  Glass of wine, please, and I will chat with everyone until dinner arrives.


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