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Dinner’s and Such

Posted Apr 01 2010 12:00am

Wonderful. I apologize for not having pictures of my dinner’s. I am not sure if I did not take them or if I did not upload them. It’s sad I can not even remember what I ate this past week.

Sunday night I went out to dinner and did not have my camera with me. I had some awesome fish taco’s with black beans rice, lettuce, tomatoes, jalepenos, cabbage, and I’m not sure what else but they were defineatly tasty. I also had some crab dip with crackers but I payed for it with my stomach.  Since you won’t get to see many dinners here is a HUGE bag of frozen broccolli I got from Sam’s club which should last me the rest of the semester.

I’m not going to fib to anyone either I will end up eating all of this. I LOVE BROCCOLI

This week has proved to me I have some sort of lactose problem because I have been suffering really bad and this is the first week I have increased my dairy products therefore it must be the cause.

Monday night I had a huge salad with leftover Lily’s chicken from Bonehead

Last night I had a meatball lavash wrap with veggies inside along with more veggies and broccoli . I later came home to have some trail mix, strawberries, and pirates booty :)

Alright this took way longer than expected. I am off to cook dinner, write a paper, a lab report, and studying for my spanish writing essay tomorrow.

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