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Digital Addiction: An Addiction To Cyberspace

Posted Dec 21 2012 1:54am
Addiction begins in a seemingly harmless manner and gradually builds up to become a craze and eventually it reaches such heights that it earns the status of an obsession. Persistent obsession becomes an addiction. People are often addicted to particular substances or some acts as they are known to give them a high, a thrill or at times a sense of security as well.

Digital Addiction: An Addiction To CyberspaceAlthough the list of mental disorders includes substance addiction such as alcohol dependence, drug abuse, addiction to a particular food. The list also mentions addiction to sex as well as addiction to shopping. But there is one particular addiction which has still not made its way into the list of psychology. That is the addiction of cyberspace.

Extensive research has revealed that women in their middle ages, especially those who do not go out and remain holed up at home try to associate and form a link with the outside world through the medium of the Internet. They become addicted without being aware of the growing vice in them. Teenagers too don’t rank far behind in the race to this addiction. Teenagers become addicted to the various social networking and friendship sites. Often the youth is also drawn into the forbidden pleasures promised by pornography sites.

Most children in the present age and up to a certain extent adults as well tend to spend a lot of their spare time playing videogames.

The thrill of making a mark and an impression in front of strangers may compel some people to get addicted to chatting websites. Boredom and a yearning for adventure also play a vital role in making a person an addict.

Whatever are the reasons, the addiction to cyberspace should also be treated at par with the other addictions and a proper line of action and treatment should be chalked out in order to help the people to get de addicted and be free from this vice.

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