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DietBet Round Two + My Get Fit Challenge!

Posted Feb 14 2013 2:29pm

Did you know that by now almost 100% of people have given up on their New Years resolutions?

If you fall in that category don’t despair!  There are still 10.5 months left to make 2013 THE year you reach your health and fitness goals. I’m so excited to be announcing Round 2 of my DietBet AND My Get Fit Challenge with Challenge Loop starting this Monday, February 18th (so go ahead and indulge in your Valentines Treats now!)

First up, DietBet.


Almost immediately after I started round 1 of my DietBet in January I had people asking me to host another. The game is addicting – in the best way possible. Here is the original post I did explaining it and the general concept is this: you pay $20 to join the bet, and whoever can lose 4% of their weight in one month splits the money at the end. The winners of the last round invested $20 and got back almost $40!

- 85% of participants lose 4.5 lbs on average (My first round had over 100 participants and the average loss was over 5 pounds each!)

- 5x more likely to succeed in your weight loss goals!

- People who announce their goals are 10x more likely to stick with them.

- Everyone who loses 4% of their weight wins! All winners will split the pot at the end.

- You make money for losing weight. Seriously.

Here is the video I did explaining the game in January:

and the video interview I did with Fox News in Orlando about it. This time, in addition to splitting the pot at the end, I have two prizes to give away! Everyone who reaches the 4% weight loss goal will be entered in a giveaway to win one of the following two prizes (prizes available to US participants only but everyone can still join and win the money!)

EatSmart Bathroom Scale


On the Go An ‘On-the-go’ Accessory Pouch from Active Accessories.

So, you can get your healthy eating on track again by signing up with my DietBet here and next you need to make sure you stay on top of your exercising.

Enter, ChallengeLoop!

I’m currently hosting a Plank challenge that has over 200 people planking it out with me. For this Challenge , also starting Monday, I’m asking everyone to commit to exercising 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day, for one month. That’s it. Whatever exercise you want to do is totally  up to you, but I want you to promise to yourself (and us!) that you move your body!

Challenge This challenge is totally free to enter, and you are absolutely welcome to just do one challenge, you don’t have to sign-up for both! But, they do compliment each other so well :) Plus, there’s more prizes for this Fitness Challenge! For Challenge Loop, you just leave a comment on the Challenge page every day with what you did to work out and those who have 20 entries by the end of the month are entered into a drawing to win one of these two prizes (Also available to US residents only but anyone can sign-up!):

EatSmart Kitchen Scale

On the Go

If you have any questions please ask away! I’m thrilled to be hosting these challenges and I truly hope I can help you all keep up your New Year momentum (or start all over again, no judging.)

Sign-Up Now!

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