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Diet continues

Posted May 17 2010 7:52am

Well, my co-workers are having quite a bit of success on their diet. Apparently their clothes are fitting better. I am happy for them but I’m not sure how healthy the diet portion is (one of them had bad diarrhea on one of their cheat days). I am tempted to tell them that quite a bit of their success is probably due to exercising but I’m going to stay quiet.

Paulette and I are continuing to eat in and really make some great meals. We’re saving money and really getting good nutrients. I really want to include a wider variety of vegetables in my diet but I will need to find some recipes for that.

I have also been watching my alcohol consumption. All in all I’m smoke free for 3 weeks and binge alcohol free for 2 weeks. I need to up my mileage (as far as running is concerned) but other than that things are moving along smoothly.

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