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Did You Go To College?

Posted Sep 21 2010 1:00pm

It’s back to school time! On my way to Trader Joe’s, I got caught up in a gaggle of NYU college students and scored a nice little coupon:

Dorm stuff? Sigh. It’s been years now. Although, with my short stature and freckles, I could likely pass for a sophomore. On my walk home, I started doing some serious reminiscing about the college days: the people I met and the friends I miss, the dorms/apartments/houses, room mates, parties, boys, the dining hall and and how things have changed since then. Unfortunately, at the end of my four years, I was so ready to be released into the wild, working world that I think I forgot to enjoy it while I was there. I’m really, really happy with where I am now, but it’s not hard to admit some days I wish I was back at school with less responsibility, anticipating the unknown, maybe even lying poolside drinking margaritas on a Tuesday in October. ;)

Through all the fun I had, I remained a pretty diligent student, sometimes passing up parties for papers. Though I assure you, I still had a good time. Oh, I forget to mention, I went to Arizona State.

My parents were fairly certain for a while that I wouldn’t return to the East Coast as I’ve always been pretty much a “sun bunny,” but by the end, I missed my friends from home, my family and my roots. Opportunity presented itself to me in NYC and who is going to turn down the greatest city in the world? ;)

If you had asked me as a Freshman where/when/what/with whom I thought I’d be now, I don’t think I could have even predicted this.

But that’s the beauty of life. Hell, if you asked me where I’d be at 24 when I was 13 I would have promptly responded: engaged to be married, veterinarian, living on a farm for abandoned animals, likely somewhere warm and/or New Jersey.

It is so amazing to me how things can change from one year to the next and how fast. If there’s one thing my experience at college taught me, it’s that you’re always learning and will always been learning. This doesn’t apply just to history or science, but to life, love and even happiness. Every experience I’ve had has added little pieces to who I am, and opportunities are more than endless for the future. For now, I’m trying to live more and more in the present, and live each day to its fullest. Who knows what tomorrow will bring – just don’t forget the places you’ve been.

Did you go to college/school, etc? Where did you go? What was your experience like?
In my next post: healthy college (or just-because) care-package!

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