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Diabetes 2 – Can I Eat Sugar – You Can

Posted Nov 27 2010 9:52am

< p>Eating sugar does not cause Type two . However, ingesting too much of it when you have the disease can cause problems.Sugar is one form of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are imperative for the body to maintain energy levels. Eating too many carbohydrates at one time will cause problems however. The human body takes carbohydrates and converts them into glucose that the body uses for energy. If you have Type Diabetes 2, too much glucose can cause severe medical problems. The human body uses insulin to convert glucose into useable energy. When the glucose levels go too high, if the body cannot produce enoughinsulin, hyperglycemia can then develop.


Whether or not you have Diabetes Symptoms  or not, should you avoid sugars in a  Diabetes Diet  if you have type 2  Diabetes ?  The answers is no. The key to being able to have your cake and eat it too, is to do it in moderation and combined with other foods. This means if you want that cake or cookie, try to plan it as part of a larger meal. Balance the carbohydrates in the sweet with a good dose of vegetables or healthy proteins. This will help slow down the food digestion and keep the glucose levels in check. You also need to be realistic about portion sizes. You cannot eat a quarter of a cake and expect good glucose results.


What meals do you want control to hold sugars under control if you have kind 2 ?  Sugars come from many sources including fruits, fruit juices, some vegetables, milk, and dairy products, sodas and sweets like cake and cookies. There is no difference in how the body takes in one carbohydrate against another. The body of a sufferer with  Type 2 doesn’t distinguish whether a carbohydrates comes from an apple or a cookie, biscuit or chips. However, a difference does affect how the body takes it in. The apple has something additional going for it. The apple has pectin fiber. Pectin is also a natural insulin regulator. The fiber also helps to greatly slow down food absorption. Does that mean avoid the cookie/biscuit all the time? The answer is no. It just means to now learn about what you are eating and how it impacts your glucose levels.


What different do you want understand about eating glucose with Type two diabetes? Moderation and portion control are the two things to remember about all foods, including sugars. Spread out your sugars. Don’t eat a box of cookies at one sitting. Eat just one a day for a week instead. Using your head properly will allow you to eat some sugar.

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