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Developing a Simple Fitness Plan

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:09am


Fitness is Simple

Its always good to have structure. It givers you a goal to aim for and a mental map of how your going to go about it. This rings especially true for a fitness plan, you need to have an idea what your going to do each week to motivate yourself to get out there and get moving in terms of fitness.

Therefore I have come up with a little guide which can help you draw up a fitness plan for the future, its something that can be done at the beginning of each week or each month depending how long you want to plan ahead for.

3 Types of Exercise

For me there are 3 main types of exercise you will want to fit into a fitness plan:

1 - Short Intense Workouts (Resistance either Bodyweight or with weights)

2 - Lifestyle Cardio (longer but lower intensity)

3 - Lift something Heavy (Probably need a gym for this one)

If you can mix these up and fit them all in at least once each week you will be fine. 3 workouts a week is enough when your first starting an exercise regime.

No Access to a Gym?

If you don’t have access to gym then you will need to stick to Body-weight Exercise and Lifestyle Cardio. This is still a great solution just try and get at least 3 sessions in per week. This could look something like this:

Monday: 6 Sets of Sprints with 20 Pushups at the end of each sprint.

Wednesday: Body Weight Circuit of Pushups - Squats - Chinups or anything from the following sites:

- 20 Minute Exercise Solution

- SimpleFit

Checkout this Video from Craig Ballantyne for an Idea of a great BW Circuit:

Weekend: Lifestyle Cardio. This could a be a short run or even a game of football with some friends in the park. Even swimming for 20 minutes if you have access to a pool is an awesome solution.

- Sometimes You Just Gotta Hit The Road

- Nature’s Plan on Running

The World is Your Oyster

If on the other hand you do have Access to a gym then I would recommend throwing in one day of Heavy Lifting and trying to improve your strength. This will really allow you to gain some size and volumize your frame.

- Get Strong - The Key to Size

A workout which is as simple as a few sets of Heavy Squats, Shoulder Presses and Deadlifts can be enough to get you an efficient workout and allow you to be in and out of the gym in no time.

You can also do your weights circuits in the Gym. The Power Law Training variation is one of my favorites:

- Power Law Strength Circuit

Its Simple

Developing a Simple and effective fitness routine is fun and easy just stick to the following rules:

1- Keep it Varied

2-  Be Consistent With your Training

3- Have a Plan

If you can manage those three things and draw some inspiration from the links above you can succeed in developing a great fitness plan regardless or whether you have access to a gym.

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