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Detoxing is…. Eating A Whole Lot of Sushi!

Posted Mar 28 2011 2:00am

Morning guys!

You all had a great weekend? I started the morning yesterday with a gruelling workout the boy put together and which he coached me through. I was nearly crying towards the end! I’ve been shying away from such tough workouts for some time now as I have been pushing my body to the limits for so long now, exercise & food wise, and I feel more drawn towards nourishing my body instead lately. I also feel I exercise more for health now instead of fitness, although I do want to start running longer distances again soon. But this workout was a great start to the day! We walked all around Amsterdam for the rest of the day and ended up sun bathing on our roof to top the day off.

The 21 day detox is coming towards an end tomorrow already! I can feel I’ve been ‘slacking’ a bit these last few days. I still eat really healthy and all that, but I am less strictly adhering to detox guidelines. I think it’s because I’ve realized I’d like to keep eating a little similar as I’ve been doing during the detox, so it doesn’t feel like something temporary anymore. But, I would like to give it some extra effort again for these last two days!

Juicing it up!

Me & my tastebuds were getting a little tired of salads so I finally decided to make something different:

Vegan Sushi
Serves one
* 2 nori sheets
* 10 T cooked Quinoa
* 1 T rice vinegar
* 1 T agave
* salt, pepper
* 1 small avocado
* 1 carrot
* 1 piece cuke
* green leafy vegetable (I used chard)
* 2 T of your favorite spread (I used a sunflowerseed/tomato one)

Mix Quinoa with vinegar, agave, salt and pepper. Spread nori sheets with spread of choice. Place Quinoa in the middle, leaving little over one inch free from the bottom. Cut carrots, avocado & cucumber in strips. Place green leafy vegetable on the Quinoa, place sliced veggies on top. Fold the bottom half of the Nori sheet in, close one side, fold the other side atop. Wet your hands a little bit during this process so the sheets will stick together.

I love nori sheets! So salty, so healthy. It takes some practise to make good rolls (I’m definitely not quite there yet, hehe) but it will become easier. Also, a bamboo mat will help tremendously, I should dig mine up somewhere!

Since I was in a sushi mood, I decided to at long last make Gena’s breakfast sushi (only I ate it as a snack) :

I wrapped a banana in chard leafs covered in almond butter, agave & cashews. So yummy & healthy!

By the way, I have been looking for AGES to find chard in Holland. It’s such a staple on a lot of US food blogs, especially vegan blogs since chard is packed with iron. When I first read about Swiss Chard, I couldn’t even find a decent translation but after some time I figured it was ‘snijbiet’. For months now, I have been deliriously looking for it, dreaming about it (nerd alert?). Until this last Saturday, at the organic Noordermarkt. I was very casually loading my bags with tons of fresh, organic produce, and the chard was just lying there, like it was no big deal! I jumped with joy, literally, and bought two huge bundles. I eagerly asked the stand personnel if I could be expecting them to have chard every week from now on they said yes. So stoked!

I really missed making (and eating…) cereal/granola so I decided to get crackin’ on a raw version, that would at least be somewhat detox appropriate ;). May I present to you:

Crunchy Buckwheat Rawnola
* 1 cup raw buckwheat
* 1/8 cup agave
* 1/4 cup pumpkin/hemp/sunflower seeds
* 3 T chia seeds
* 1/3 cup raisins (or other dried fruit)

Soak your buckwheat overnight in three cups water. Drain, and soak again for the remainder of the day. In the evening, after a day and a half of soaking, drain again. Mix in a large bowl with rest of the ingredients and dehydrate at 115 F / 46 C for ~ 10 hours. Your raw granola is done in the morning!

Of course dear readers, this recipe can just as easily be made using the oven! The fun thing about dehydrating is that almost all recipes can be made ‘unraw’ too. The other way around would be more difficult though ;). Just follow all steps prior to dehydrating and then bake in the oven on a low temp, turning once. I guess 160 – 180 C would be good, for around 40 minutes.

I ate granola over MILK for the first time in my life, I’mma (soy) yogurt kinda girl. I feel good about decreasing my processed soy intake some by making my own nut milk from now on, but I still prefer yogurt as a vehicle for granola. Maybe I’ll get used to it though, who knows? Otherwise I’ll keep enjoying some soy yogurt from time to time!

Me & B just ended our internship at last Friday with a really good end review, and now it’s exam time! Which, for me, means I have a lot more free time ;).

Have a great day lovelies!



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