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Posted Sep 07 2010 5:43am

Gooooooood…. wait, what day is it? I’m so thrown off.  I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend and got to do something fun to soak in the last days of summer!! Ok, you officially have until the 21st, but fall will be here before we know it. :D

I actually think fall arrived Saturday morning.  It was cool.  The kind of cool that has you wanting to cozy up in an over-sized sweatshirt and sip hot coffee on the porch.  I thought it was only fitting with the return of college football returning the same day.  Unfortunately, along with a Bulldawg win, Saturday brought these my way:

Best nachos I've had in a long time = trouble.

and a couple of these:

BBQ sliders with slaw & pickles. Not gonna lie... amazingly tasty!

And what fun is football without a couple beers, right? Right.  Although along with beers, throughout the weekend I indulged in a margarita (or two) and one of these, as well:

This guy was spicy 'n delish!

Although there were a few healthier choices, like delicious homemade guacamole, hummus, carrots & celery and this grilled chicken wrap (minus the fries):

…the chili, pizza, biscuits, fish tacos, fries and adult beverages totally overtook the weekend.  No, I’m not kidding… I consumed all of these over the past 3 days. Ugh.

It got me to thinking about why.

I think reason numero uno is lack of planning on my part.  I knew we were going to have guests in town (we had 14.5 of us at the house total throughout the weekend… a 4-month-old counts as .5, right?) Check out this cutie… most precious, expressive baby ever:

I digress….

Although we had 14.5 people total, I didn’t know who was planning on showing up when.  It was pretty much a rotating door of people throughout the weekend, which made it quite challenging to plan for.  There were a couple impromptu runs to the grocery store, and when there are a lot of mouths to feed and little time to plan, I revert to quick ‘n easy… AKA grilling burgers, chili, and biscuits (not all at the same time ;) ).

Reason number 2 that I feel so unhealthy after the weekend?  Too much booze.  It’s not that I was binge drinking and getting wasted-face (ohh… college… I totally didn’t take care of myself then….), but there was a pretty consistent stream of alcohol flowing through the party weekend… beer… margarita… bloody mary.


I never felt hungover, just a little run down, which may be why my throat isn’t feeling 100% this morning.

Reason number 3… lack of quality sleep.  Between the beer and the late night sessions of Charades (oh yeah, we totally rocked the classic game of charades… it. was. awesome. I love charades, although when it comes to competition, I morph into Monica from FRIENDS immediately).  But between the fun, sun, drinks and late night swims in the lake, I went to bed a lot later, and didn’t sleep as soundly.

But don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time this weekend!  I got to hang out with my Bro & SIL (Sis-in-law)

Go Dawgs :)

Hung out with great friends:

Do they look like the All-American couple or what?

Enjoyed some laughs:

Got in some exercise:

Played with 2 sweet pups:

And of course, rocked out on the lake!

It sure did feel good to start out this morning on a healthy note, though:

A refreshing mix of :

1 handful organic, frozen mixed berries

1/2 frozen organic banana

1 giant handful organic baby spinach

organic 1% milk

1/2 scoop protein powder

1/2 Tbsp Flax Seeds

All in a festive glass :)

To sum it up, I had a wonderful weekend, but I want to do a better job of living healthfully even on the wildest of weekends.

My goals for future party weekends:

1. Be prepared.  Plan and have healthy foods on hand, prepared & ready to be munched on!

2.  Limit alcohol consumption.  Perhaps throw in a mocktail between cocktails?

3.  Eat at home as much as much as possible during the weekend to maintain more control over food choices.

On your holiday weekends, do you stay healthy? Or do you splurge? What tips do you utilize to stay on track?

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