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Detox Diet-Overview and Benefits of Detoxing.

Posted Mar 14 2013 9:27am

Whilst I’m personally not a fan of detox diets, or any diets, some people find the occasional detox quite helpful. Remember there is no quick fix to weight loss!  Here are some thoughts about the benefits of detoxing, from one of our guest posters!

We humans have such hectic lifestyles that our body takes its toll. The food we intake and the busy schedules that we have make it a lot difficult to eat healthy and be in good shape. It is a known fact that detox is the ideal way to help flush toxins. Having a fast and not consuming any solid food gives rest to the digestive tract and may put rest to any unhealthy eating pattern. One has to realize that detox diets are not fad diets; it requires various calorie modifications which range from moderate to more strict restrictions.

Need to Detox

The most important question that arises in every humans mind is does the body need to detox? The answer to this lies with your body. If your body is very rigid in form and if you feel fatigued even before you start the day. Many people choose detox as the ultimate weapon to lose weight. But not many realize that it replenishes your body with good energy and flush the waste of the system. An aspirin is not the answer to the headaches that occur often but a detox diet may help heal your body in the right way.

Different Types of Detox Diets

The diets vary depending on the choice of system you choose for your body. The easiest one is a normal fast where one limits the amount of food to maybe once a day or no food for the entire day. Drinking only liquids for a week or ten days and introducing certain solid foods that are light on the digestive system slowly. Others would recommend that herbal teas, green tea rejuvenate the body and help purify the system. The most common detox diets are the ones which focus on eating whole grain foods which are rich in fibre and nutritional content. Some of them prefer the use of enema to cleanse their colon. You have to bear in mind that the entire process is all about cleansing the human body.

General Guidelines of Detox Diet

  • Intake lot of Fluids: Your daily consumption of water intake should be more than 8-10 glasses of water but in a detox diet the fluids help in hydration hence it is advisable to drink as much as you can. Drink fresh made juice and not the ones that are packaged or with artificial sweeteners. Green tea, herbal tea or a mixed vegetable juice will give the desired nutrition in the diet plan. Lemonade cleanse to go packets are easy to take and have various health benefits.
  • Avoid Harmful drugs: Stay away from any form or kind of inflammatory over the counter prescription
  •  Use organic food that is high in nutritional content and less in pesticides.
  • Remove Junk Food: Say no to junk food that is oily or greasy and high in trans fat that burdens your digestive tract for a while after the diet.
  • Healthy Habits: No to Alcohol and no smoking as it is part of the cleansing regime.
  • Reduce Stress: You want to soothe your senses in the entire process, hence many of them go to a nearby spa to reduce the pressure and detox their body.
  • Get plenty of Rest: Limit your physical activity to the bare minimum during this process. Channel your energy to all the goodness of the regime and negate all the exertion. Get all the beauty sleep you can to have that glowing effect after you shed that extra calories.


Detox Risks

These diets that are flooded all over the internet and every health magazine do not come with a warning. One has to realize that each body is unique and functions differently; do not follow any diet blindly it is advisable that you undertake physicians advice before following any diet. These radical detox diets can take a toll on you physically, initially you may feel weak and then nausea and diarrhea are common problems in these forms of diets. Consent of a nutritionist is a primary task that needs to be done. With the right guidance and proper procedure you will have energy and flush the toxins out of your body with less fatigue.


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