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Detox Day 6 & McBye to McDreamy?

Posted Jun 01 2011 4:39pm

Good Afternoon, Friends. I am still a busy mommy with my little angel. Have about 10 minutes to blast this post out before I have to get back to my motherly duties ;-)

Last night I was lying in bed and decided to check out Twitter before falling asleep. I saw that #McDreamy was a trending topic and decided to check out what the buzz was all about. I have been a LOYAL Grey’s Anatomy fan since day 1. Even when the show took a bad turn during Izzy’s last season with all that weird Denny ghost stuff I still stuck with it. The season finale this year may have foreshadowed the worst to come. If it’s true, I am not really sure I can stick with the show.

From Perez Hilton :

Yesterday, we reported that made the long awaited announcement that this coming season of would be his last. It wasn’t really a shock to anyone and we were just pleased to know that after eight years, he’ll be going out on good terms rather than some of his other cast members.


My life as a Grey’s Anatomy fan may NOT be over though….

Today, his rep has come forward to clarify his client’s comments, which to refresh your memory, were that this season “will be my last.” His rep released this statement, saying:

“He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds.”


We shall see what happens.




Yesterday I said I am NOT an all or nothing person. Often times, clients come to me after a long standing battle with their weight. 9 times out of 10 it’s because they have an all or nothing mentality. They decoded to go on a diet, or start exercising…and one little thing “sets them off.” It can be an ice cream sundae on the weekend, or a missed workout. They quickly consider it self sabotage and give up on their new healthy habits quickly. Having an all or nothing attitude only sets you up for failure, in my experience. This is why during this sugar detox, I did not get too hard on myself about eating out, or haveing a couple pieces of pineapple because it was mixed in with my strawberries. I feel kind of guilty only because some of you are looking to me for motivation, and guidance. However, with a past of obsessive behavior with food I can not become too strict in my eating habits. Especially while I am breastfeeding.

What this detox has taught me and done for me is being aware of added sugar that is so taxing on our bodies. I noticed that recently I am craving sweets more than usual and I wanted to do something that helped to keep me in check. However, having a bite of something here or there, and not doing this thing perfectly did not discourage me from stopping. It shouldn’t discourage you either.

Some of you confessed that this past holiday weekend was hard and you had cookies, or dessert at a family gathering. It’s OK. If you want to jump back on and watch your sugar intake, do it today. Any little bit counts. I guarantee it will motivate you to eat more veggies and fresh foods if you forgive yourself for “living” a little. I am not perfect, or super human. I don’t expect you to be either! I plan to try to continue with a lot of the principles of this “detox” adding more fresh fruit into the mix. I can not WAIT to make a big bowl of peanut butter soft serve this weekend ;-)

Recipe of the Day:

Garden Wraps

2 Large Collard Leaves (slice down middle cutting out large stems)

1/2 cup julienne cucumber (I ran mine through the spiralizer)

1/2 cup julienne zucchini

1/2 cup sprouts

1/2 avocado

Spread some Red Pepper Hummus across them and enjoy!


iPod Round Up

I am itching to get back to my workouts. Yesterday I did a couple sets of some ab exercises. Nothing special. It’s been SO SO SO hot here. Like a dangerous low Ozone. We are supposed to get a storm today to cool it off. I plan to go to the park tomorrow and Friday with Ella for a much needed long walk. Time to send me some current, up beat music for my iPod! I have tons of Gaga, Britney, and old school hip hop. I need some things that will get my heart beating and get my body moving! Maybe some Zumba tunes or things you would hear in a spinning class during the toughest hill. PLEASE send me a list so I can have my sis update my iPod for me!!!





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