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Detox Day 1 & 2

Posted Mar 11 2011 2:00am

Hiya guys!

Good to know y’all like to read about some fun new stuff such as oil pulling from time to time! It actually seems to be working in my mouth because the pain has lessened, but I can’t say with absolute certainty it’s because of the oil pulling of course. Nevertheless I’m gonna keep at it in the hope of seeing (more) results soon!

Two days of detoxing down, 19 more to go! So far, so good. I thought it would be near impossible for me not to have a big, solid breakfast but so far it seems to be going really well. I was hungry last morning but I didn’t feel the need to prepare a big warm meal because I strive to get lemon water, juice ánd oil pulling in my morning routine, before breakfast (smoothie) so by the time all that’s over a simple smoothie sounds good ;). On schooldays I might have to tackle this differently though, maybe lemon water & smoothie for breakfast and some fruit or small snack before lunch, and juice + oil pulling later in the day/evening. Sounds like a plan!

What I do struggle with a little is coming up with good ways to have both cooked and rawfoods for lunch/dinner. I tend to just pile a lot of raw veggies and nuts on my plate with a dressing which technically is ok (all raw) and of course simple, but I don’t want the transition be too hard (on my stomach mostly). Plus, I’d rather not have the boy eat a salad everyday for 3 weeks for dinner, he’ll get wayyy to skinny (normally he eats a big portion of what I cook plus some extra slices of bread, lol). IdeallyIi’d make something simple cooked (a protein, grain, or a soup) and have that alongside a salad for dinner but I have to get into that routine.

Furthermore, salads and I have a love-hate relationship. Half of the time I’ll throw together a really good one and it’s foodgasmtastic, other times it’s just one big uncoordinated mess and ditto taste. Lolz. SALAD RECIPES: THROW ‘EM THIS WAY PLEASE! ;). I am the first to admit my salad creation skills leave something to be desired…

The Detox Fairy was so kind to send me a box of yummy goodies from (and just as I write this I realize they forgot to include my special detox tea! Lousy detox fairy!). Oh well, there’s enough other cool stuff:

I've figured out not smoking, not drinking, barely clubbing & not going out for dinner saves a lot of €€€

Organic grooming products: almond/cherry shower gel (for the smell alone I’ll never switch back to non-organic :p), organic conditioner (already have shampoo), sea algae face wash, deodorant and another bottle (already) of aloe vera gel. This stuff is seriously life changing! There was also organic tooth paste.

Enteric-coated enzymes & probiotics (so they survive your stomach acid). Enzymes for better digestion and probiotics for, well, better digestion. But different, I promise ;)

5 billion bacteria per capsule, nom!

Foodie goodies: brown rice syrup, Maca & a Chia refill. Man do I consume a lot of chia lately :D. It’s cool though because when I take 1-2 tablespoons chia seeds a day I won’t have to take my pricey DHA supplement. Score.

I love how different the content of my fridge has been looking lately. Stuffed with veggies, and less other crap:

The bottom two are solely for fruits &veg, the door for milks & condiments, the rest for supplements (chia, flax, hemp, probiotics), homemade dressings and one shelf for things such as butter, philadelphia, cheese & organic meat & quark for the boy.

Yesterday I made raw almond butter and I just HAVE TO share this recipe. I would never have imagined rae almond butter coming out this creamy & delicious!

Raw Coconut Vanilla Almond Butter
* 400 g raw almonds
* 2 T cconut oil
* ½-1 vanilla bean

Process almonds until smooth-ish. Add coconut oil (preferably slighly warmed so it is liquid and you can slowly drizzle it in. Otherwise just throw the hardened oil in there). Scrape the content of half to one vanilla bean in there, depending on your taste preference. (taste test!). Simple as that! And so good/healthy. This reminds me, did I ever share me recipe for Marzipan Almond Butter?!

Marzipan Almond Butter
* 400 g almonds
* 2 T sucanat
* ¼-½ t almond extract

Toast almonds in the oven, 12 minutes at 200C/375F. Process until smooth, add sucanat and extract and process along. So yummy & sweet! Perfect on some fruit or with chocolate, to get that chocolate/marzipan feeling.

I seriously love snacking on brown rice cakes and this almond butter is the cherry on the cake!

Some other things I’ve been eating/drinking:

Banana Ginger/Cinnamon Smoothie
Serves one
Adapted from Thrive

* 1 small frozen banana
* ½ a pear
* 1 T vanilla protein powder
* 1 T flax seeds
* 1 t cinnamon
* 1 piece ginger
* 1 fresh date
* 250 ml water (or water/milk)

Now this was a tasty salad! I love the combo of (raw) beet, carrot, pickle and olive. So refreshing & zing-y. On a bed of Romaine/spinach and topped with agave/mustard/flax oil dressing.

Less than stellar salad. I had the idea of mixing black beans with mango but that would be very poor food combining so I refrained :p. I lightly steamed the green benas, which tasted sortof weird while the rest of the salad was all raw. The cashews and dressing were amazing, but I used a bit too much dressing and it became very sweet. I made this dressing a long time ago, something with apple cider vinegar, sugar & wasabi. So awesome!

That’s it for today lovelies! I’m off to do some Yin Yang Yoga (how cool does that sound?). Enjoy your Friday!



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