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DETOX 101- complete tissue

Posted Jan 25 2013 9:35pm
To people in the “health community,” detoxes and cleanses are becoming more well known and put into action. But to lots of my friends, family, community members, and well- the average person, a detox is an unknown topic thats usually shunned away. But why? They have been around for decades. We used to be in tune with our bodies when they became sick- we’d fast for a certain period, and then we’d feel better and start to eat again. Dogs do it all the time- notice when a dog is sick he won’t touch his food! When I was sick as a kid, my mom (LOVE YOU MOMMY YOU’RE AMAZING hehe) used to feed me a bland piece of bread or a banana when I had a certain symptom, and we’d usually opt to antibiotics or over-the-counter medicine to stop the pain; and it would. But what I wasn’t aware of was that this was just stopping the pain, temporarily. It was really blocking my intestines and stuffing them with more and more things- what I’m beginning to call the “putter-inner-theory.”- the theory that putting something into our bodies will heal us. After my 8-hour course with the Detox Queen herself, Natalia Rose , I’m beginning to believe that our health lies- not in what we put into our bodies- but what we take out of it.

Although I filled a big ol’ binder with a ton of notes from this course and I want to share EVERYTHING with you all, I realize you may or may not be as interested as I am, so I’ll give you a recap and the parts of the course that I believe to be the most important.

  1. The symptoms we experience today- from IBS, acne, chrons disease, to migraine headaches and cancer- these are not the norm for the human body, they are the norm for human society. (phew- this is a wonderful thing) We typically mask these symptoms with antibiotics and over the counter creams, ointments, and pills.
  2. True human food are the foods that enter the body and leave without causing any harm to the digestive tract or vital organs. These are primarily water based fruits and vegetables.
  3. Processed foods, inhumanely and inorganically raised meats and dairy, beans, legumes, nuts, wheats, soy, and negative thoughts, emotions, and genetic inheritance are are all acidic and play some sort of role in clogging the system up.
  4. SUPER IMPORTANT POINT- We have come into this life pretty much deteriorated because we are recipients of decades and decades of improper health. Anyone who struggles with any digestive issue, skin issue, or someone who was born with a condition will appreciate this realization. That is one of the main reasons, in my perspective, that detox is important.
  5. Since it is easy to accumulate acidity in the body because of previous ancestors, extra toxins in our food and the environment, and negative and harmful thoughts we have about ourselves- our bodies become a breeding ground for yeast.
  6. Yeast, or candida, symptoms can be broad- acne, low energy and fatigue, vaginal yeast, stomach cramping and bloating, thrush, eczema, moodiness, depression, etc.. I’ll send you here if you want more information on whether or not yeast is present in your body.
  7. Although fruits are the ideal food for the human body because they bring the most life force, they are sugars so they feed yeast. (in conjunction to all white sugars, maple syrups, honey, white bread, etc.. a given)
  8. To starve yeast, we need to remove sugars and any excess hormones in the body, ie from hormone-laden meats. (this is not a vegetarian or vegan detox- although it can be! if you would like to enjoy the occasional egg or fish- make sure it’s organic)
  9. If you are positive that you don’t have yeast, enjoy lots of fresh fruits!
  10. Proper food combining rules are KEY to detox.
  11. Cleansing included eliminating- yes this means enemas and colonics.
  12. You don’t have to go cold turkey! If having an apple will get you through the day- by all means!!! Just don’t engorge.
  13. Supplements that help eliminate yeast: oil of oregano (from my doTERRA store –works wonders!!! e-mail me if you need help in this area..) probiotics and probiotic foods, and herbs like garlic, caprylic acid, and whole aloe vera leaf help eradicate the problem: but you have to find what works for your body.
  14. Fresh vegetable green juice is life-generating and one of the easiest things to get you back on track. If you are yeasted, you want to simultaneously increase the alkalinity in your body by eating lots of raw vegetables and juices, supplementing with yeast-killing microbes, getting enough sunlight and exercise, and proper elimination of the bowels..
  16. This is the “detox for women” but it is for men as well! It’s labeled for women because it is a lot easier for a woman to have Candida or yeast symptoms and issues because of the added estrogens, hormones, and emotional downfalls we tend to have.
  17. The cleanse consists of lots of green juices, raw and cooked vegetables, organic fishes, unpasteurized raw goats dairy, organic eggs, starches like yams and squashes, avocados, coconuts, and dark chocolate ;) I like to focus on these amazing foods instead of listing the ones I periodically “can’t have.”
  18. HEALTH AND HEALING is challenging, but it’s fun and attainable! I’ve been “on this journey” for about two years now and it only gets better, you only get more confident in yourself, and you slowly ween yourself off of this society’s SICK CARE and start truly nurturing your body.


The reason I am telling you all of this is because I have gone through it and I want to share my experience and knowledge because I truly care about you.

And there is so, so, so, so, soooooooooooooo much more I’d like to explain, but I’m, quite literally, sick of talking about being sick. I believe that what we focus on expands- so although this information is so extremely knowledgeable and helpful, it can drive you crazy! And I’d like to expand thoughts on LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS- because I know that is what the Universe will then bring me– and you as well.

If you have any questions, let’s talk! If you are not ready to accept and think about this new paradigm in diet, if you just wanna love light and happiness all day long- ignore this post :-)

I love you guys, thank you for reading all this! I know it’s so much to take in. I’m your guinea pig. Natalia’s book- Detox for Women- is wonderful and I’m giving it a go, and will then report back. Creating delicious and nourishing detox dishes in the process that I can’t wait to share.

love and light- always 

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”  ~Astrid Alauda

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