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Destination Green

Posted Mar 28 2011 10:26pm
The first thing that I will have to say is that... I don't know what I'm getting myself into, and I know this. I've been telling people that the things that I consume on a daily basis are not making me feel as though I am living a healthy life. All my life I've felt pretty healthy and played high school and some college basketball. Through a knee injury during Varsity tryouts, I tried my hardest to to just get through practices and games. I went through physical therapy, more practices, the gym, and had to work full time while in school. My need for a real young adult lifestyle is what made me go out of control. Parties and drinking was normal in college, but slipping grades and bad healthy is what was really coming to me.

Having dealt with a major personal/emotional event that occurred I needed time away from school, family, friends, everything. My mother sent me to stay with her sisters in Chicago for the summer of 2003 and I loved it. The city and the vibe was nothing like New Hampshire, and I needed that extended vacation. While being away I had realized that I was in a really screwed up relationship that needed some resolution, but at a young age I guess you are naïve :P

My life had began to be surrounded by people who I would not consider best friends. They were all acquaintances and boyfriends. You get so wrapped up in the needs of others that you go 5, 6, 7 more years and you finally realize that those things are not what makes you happy. Finishing school, getting my life together, and living a strong and healthy life is what should have been my main focus.

Now at 25 I have hit a brick wall. I am in a loving relationship that does go through its ups and downs, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I have loving parents up in NH along with a crazy sister who is finally 21 (oh God), and a 16 year old brother who is going through the same stresses that I went through (school, friends, parents, sex, getting a license, etc.)- but we are helping each other day by day.

These are the things that need to be blogged about and discussed, with possible solutions. By changing my lifestyle, I am hoping to not only impact my own life, but the lives of others, including family and friends ;) I want to go over not only the good things, but also the trying times.

I am starting fresh, starting tomorrow, with what I have to say is a scary journey, but my journey to become SociallyGreen. By using social media and blogging, I will chronicle my experiences through the good, the bad, and the ugly- the Master Cleanse, then I am going to slowly go “Natural”; also going Green and leaving my carbon footprint in my daily actions. This is not so easy for everyone, so my everyday activities will hopefully show people that one step at a time is all it takes. Stay tuned, this will be sad, yet amusing (I’m laughing but crying at the same time)! :-P
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