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Depression and Darkness

Posted Oct 06 2012 5:32am
In our fast paced life, depression has become a major factor in our life, and it controls the way we live, we think and act.

Some people simply can’t fall asleep without watching TV, some are hooked to net working sites, with lights switched off.

Depression and DarknessA recent research clearly states that it is time we stop being in the dark because darkness makes us depressed.

Researchers at the Ohio State University says depression has less to do with what we are doing, and more with what we doing in the darkness.

The study concludes that the hamsters kept in the dark for a long time, Drank nothing but sugary water and were very lethargic and laid back and depressed.

Hence if you are planning a night in with your favorite film, you should keep the natural lights on, to feel good, have a positive vibration in the environment and enjoy the film rather than put off lights and lose the charm and magic of cinema and feel depressed.

Also it is imperative that you give yourself some screen bedtime, which implies that there should be an hour long gap at least between shutting the lap top or TV and going off to sleep, as this helps you to adjust your body to sleep and wards off negative feelings and avoid depression.

Prior to sleeping your mind should be relaxed and no thoughts should rush through your brain. You should avoid over stimulation as this will lead to a state of wakefulness. Rather relaxing and unwinding would be a better option and will calm your frayed nerves in a better manner.

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