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Dell Studio 1735 Adapter - Efficient and Reliable

Posted May 16 2013 7:02am

Laptops are one of the most reliable and useful technology ever made in this technology dominating era. It gives you that extra freedom and mobility wherever you take it. Whatever be the purpose of business conference for an official trip, laptops are the order of the day. Since it is mobile and free to take away more power will drain from the system. So an adapter is a must. When it comes to efficiency with reliability no one will say no to the Dell laptops. What makes it more demanding is because it consumes less power than any other products. Also with the new  Dell Studio 1735 adapter  in the market the sales are going off the charts.


Talking about the overall specification of the Dell Studio 1735 adapter it takes an input voltage at a range of 100 volts to 240 volts at a frequency range of 50-60 hertz which is same in most of the adapters. It gives out 19.5 volts of DC volts at 4.62 amperes of current. Power consumption of this Dell adapter is simply awesome because it only consumes 90 watts of power whereas other adapters consume double the power. The tip dimension of the Studio 1735 adapter is 7.4*5.0 mm which is almost compatible for all types of Dell laptops.


What makes this  Studio 1735 battery  a firm favourite over others is because of its interesting features. One of the best features of this battery is that it prevents overload. As we all know that overloading can cause malfunctioning of the system as well as permanently damaging your laptop. With this Dell Studio 1735 charger overloading will not be a problem for your laptop. Most of the chargers damage because of over temperature. With the new Dell adapter you can say bye to that problem too because it comes with an over temperature protector which will cut off the power when excess current comes out.


The  Dell Studio 1735 charger  also comes with a led indicator which shows the current status of the adapter in a better way. Also it consumes less power compared to other battery and hence it dominates in all areas. The adapter comes with two pieces, an AC adapter and a power cord. All these in an attractive carry case which will fit everywhere. This charger comes with a one year warranty at an affordable rate of 25$.


If you are a person who shifts office to home more often than the burden of carrying the charger will be a little bit annoying. With only 25$ for the charger, one at home and one at the office can solve your problem easily. With all these premium features and good safety measures employed in the new  Dell adapter  Dell has taken a leap forward in its marketing. Almost all the systems are compatible with this adapter old users can also switch to the new charger. So if you are looking for a new laptop which is efficient and reliable then Dell is the best thing you can get in the market at present without having a second thought. This is also famous for its portability.


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