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Dell Inspiron 6400 Adapter Maintenance Tips

Posted May 21 2013 7:17am

Research has it that laptop adapters are among the most abused computer accessories by millions of Dell Inspiron 6400 enthusiasts worldwide. Around 43 percent of individuals who adore this reputable brand request for replacement chargers online, within the first year of purchasing their laptops. Where does the problem lie? While a few individuals argue that the increasing demand for the 6400 Inspiron laptop by Dell has fueled an influx of fake chargers, a majority of   Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter   problems is a result of inappropriate usage habits, and poor handling, by their users. To prolong the life of your Dell Inspiron 6400 charger and save money in the long-term, you should keep the following maintenance tips in mind:


A Dell adapter has two key components; the charging brick, also known as the transmitter, and a set of power cords that link the laptop to your AC power outlet. To keep the adapter working for a long time, make sure that the foregoing components are always in perfect state. Every once in a while, run your fingers through the length of the wires of your  Inspiron 6400 battery, and check if it has issues. Small bumps or burn marks are signs that the wires on the adapter are about to break and might cause serious problems if you do not correct them early. Instead of buying a replacement adapter, visit a reputable technician and if the problem is repairable. If you have the right set of tools, you can even solve the issue yourself.


The duration that your Dell Inspiron 6400 adapter will power your laptop well depends on how you handle it. If you stress or handle it inappropriately, you will take away valuable years of its life and vice versa. When you are using a Dell adapter, do your level best never to drop it on a hard surface. The transmitter is very brittle. You can easily break, crack it, or damage its internal components if you fail to handle it safely. Next, even though the power cords of a  Dell Inspiron 6400 charger  are malleable, handle yours with caution, while using your laptop. Do not bend or stretch the cord in any way. Although an outer layer made of soft plastic protects the wires of the adapter, they can easily snap, if you subject them to a lot of stress. Coil the Dell adapter using large turn, to lower probability of damaging it before its time.


Proper storage must be one of your priorities, if you want your Inspiron 6400 adapter to last long. Many people leave their adapter plugged on a power outlet over using their laptop. Other people crumble, and store their adapters in poorly ventilated cupboards or drawers, until their next charging escapade. As laptops and other electrical gadgets, it is advisable that you clean and store your Dell in a cool and dry place after you have finished using it. Storing it in very cold or high temperatures can degrade the mechanical components in its charging brick, and damage it over time. Finally, make sure, your  Dell adapter  does not get in contact with water. This medium can shoot its components and damage it permanently.


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