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Dell Inspiron 1370 Laptop Battery - Advanced Technology & High Performance

Posted Jun 11 2013 3:21am

There is no doubt that Li-Ion based batteries are advanced technology and are of high performance. The  Dell Inspiron 1370 laptop battery  is of a Li-Ion chemistry type that integrates the best battery parts and quality cells. The battery has a high power density that enables the battery to go for a longer period, and it is easy to charge without necessarily requiring a full-charge or discharge cycle. It has a storage capacity of 4400mAh, voltage of 14.80V, a dimension of 279.40 x 33.40 x 42.23 mm, weight of about 500g and is black in color. The battery is designed to match the specifications as the original battery for your Dell laptop. This is very important while looking for your Dell 1370 battery replacement to ensure that the laptop and battery are compatible.


Your  Dell battery  should last for up to five years, but at least up to 18 months before a gradual decline in its normal performance. The battery will last for fewer hours than before during the decline stage, and you should then consider replacement. However, you can get the maximum life from your Inspiron 1370 laptop battery with proper maintenance and care. There are several ways in which you can adapt to prolong your battery's life span. One important factor to always consider is the platform you use to place your Dell Inspiron 1370 laptop. Soft platforms reduce the efficiency and performance of the fan that air conditions the laptop's interior. It is therefore advisable to consider using hard platforms such as wood.


Use the optimal setting options in your Inspiron 1370 laptop to adjust LED screen brightness to save battery power and consequently help in prolonging its lifespan. The energy saver offers a wide variety of options that you can set for the computer to engage in. Unplug the USB devices you are not using, eject DVDs and CDs that you do not need. These devices and other drain a lot of power, it is therefore important that they are unplugged or ejected.


Heat is a very common threat to the life span of a  Dell insprion 1370 adapter. This arises majorly from unnecessary charging, longer periods of charging and overcharging. It is therefore important to only charge your laptop battery for Dell when need be, charge for a sensible period of time and always unplug the adapter when not in use. Always exercise the battery regularly; do not leave your Dell battery dormant for a longer period of time. Charge the battery at least twice in a month. This is important in keeping the electrons of the Li-Ion based Dell battery move occasionally. It is not recommended to leave the laptop battery plugged in every time however as the electrons tend to weaken over time.


It is always important to purchase your  Dell 1370 battery replacement  from a renowned dealer. This is very important in order to purchase an original and legitimate battery. In addition, you get a one year warranty among other benefits. With the advanced technology, you can order your replacement Inspiron 1370 battery online from wherever you are at the most friendly rates. Remember to always check the specifications, compare the original against the replacement Dell laptop battery in order to ensure compatibility with the laptop.


If someone is searching for a certified and high quality battery just like a Battery for  Dell inspiron 1525 battery... then  is the best place for them. As one of the largest distributor of replacement laptop batteries in Australia, consumers are guaranteed of 60- Day Money Back Policy and a 2-Year Warranty.


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