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Delayed Departure & Badass Vegans

Posted Feb 16 2012 9:21pm

The fireman and I are currently sitting in an airport terminal in Kansas City, MO awaiting our delayed flight to Washington D.C. My very best friend in the whole wide world happens to live there and just happens to be getting married very, very soon. Oh, and I just happen to have the privilege of being her Maid of Honor. And what an honor it is. :)

Once we arrive in DC, I know we’ll have an amazing trip, but at the present moment stranded in an airport in America’s heartland, where the closest thing to a vegan (heck, I’d settle for vegetarian) and gluten-free meal is potato chips and trail mix, is quite irritating.  Instead of channeling my er, colorful personality, towards my husband, I’ve opted to write a blog post. Honestly, the least hostile of my options. (I should also mention that he just ate a chicken sandwich in front of me, making me all the more hungry/cranky. Of course not for the chicken part, but… oh you get the idea.)

This will only be my second trip traveling as vegan and gluten-free.  My first trip was to the Dallas/Fort Worth area this past December.  Everything really is bigger in Texas; it was a big learning experience!  I discovered just how hard it can be to navigate a city when you have strict dietary limitations.  Embarking on our current travels, I have confidence that Washington DC and our subsequent trip to NYC (both fantastic culinary hubs) will prove to be successful and am excited for the challenge!

Nevertheless I need a boost of confidence, so I have compiled a list of the most badass vegans, according to me of course. A little inspiration never hurt anybody!

1. Betty White — Need I say more?

2. Alicia Silverstone — She’s an incredible role model and drives the vegan train with her blog, The Kind Life

3. Bill Clinton — Only listed for my best friend who is not so secretly in love with him, even though she is marrying another man in a week. Ha!

4.  Mike Tyson – Contrary to popular belief he doesn’t eat flesh.  Haha!  Bad joke?  Seriously though, it is undeniably badass that he’s a vegan.

5. Joaquin Phoenix  — For narrating Earthlings, a horrifying movie about the mistreatment of animals that I have not yet been able to bring myself to watch more than 5 minutes of.

6. Anthony Kiedis  — He’s a vegan rockstar and a vegan daddy.

7. James Cromwell — Vegetarian since 1975, vegan since 1994.  Pretty badass.

8. Bob Harper  — Ok, not really on the whole Biggest Loser bandwagon, but I do love hearing about vegan folks in the fitness world.

9. Carl Lewis — Olympic Gold Medalist = badassness

10. Ellen DeGeneres  — Because she’s awesome.

Okay, in hindsight this was maybe part an exercise in inspiration and part an excuse to say “badass” a lot in one blog post. Either way, it is what it is.

Our flight should be taking off soon; I hope to post a few more (and more upbeat) updates throughout our trip!



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