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Deep Water Running

Posted Dec 22 2011 10:00pm

Today is a sad day folks, I had to lay rest to my beloved bowl. I won’t name who is to blame… *cough, bb, cough*.

IMG 0913

I ate every meal out of bowl….. and we had many lovely mornings full of giant whipped oats and yogurt messes. I know you guys will miss seeing it on here, as much as I will miss eating out of it.

Until I find a suitable replacement, we will have the bland dishes, that are unfortunately unbreakable. Bahhh.

IMG 0921

Breakfast was a solemn time as I sat remembering my big japanese bowl that spent over an hour picking out somewhere down in chinatown. I wanted it to fit in with my mug and soup spoon, but I didn’t want them to match too much. Matchy-matchy isn’t cute. At least the oats were good! They were of the chewy steel cut variety, so that cheered me right up. Topped with the last of the blueberries and raspberries in the fridge, almonds, and flax meal.

I’m also in operation clean out the fridge before vacation mode. So lunch was pretty random -

IMG 0922

Left over butternut squash with cinnamon and wheatberries + non-fat cherry chobani yogurt with fiber one and millet puffs and chia seeds.

I participated in an awesome fit chat Tuesday evening about fitness and looking ahead to 2012. I mentioned I really wanted to crack down on a goal I had from this summer: getting in the pool more. I was luck that my run coaches Jessica and Meghan, from Hot Bird Running were tuning in.

Screen shot 2011 12 22 at 8 50 25 PM

Yes! I had no idea until the next morning that it was that evening and it was something called deep water running. I was thinking like a lap swimming lesson. I was on the edge, but honestly, I really wasn’t feeling like running, or doing any of the typical workouts I’ve been doing lately. So, why the hell not?! I was in, but definitely nervous. From my last experience in the pool back in august, I was worried I wouldn’t have the stamina.

So what is deep water running? I spent all day looking this up, in preparation for what was to come.

  • Exercises done in the deep end of a pool, so you don’t come in contact with the bottom
  • Non impact form of cardio
  • Many runners utilize this form of exercise during injury to keep up endurance

I got there slightly terrified, but ready to try something new. I met the trainer Robert and he fitted me the belt you where to keep you afloat. He gave me the option of 4 or 3 blocks, on the belt. I went with 4, the more floats the easier it is. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so as a beginner I figured 4 was a safe bet.

IMG 0908

IMG 0909

The class was ridiculously hard. During the warm-up, I was completely out of breath. I can definitely see why it is considered a great endurance workout. You have to keep moving the whole time and anything done in the pool really gets me winded. Meghan said she thought it gave her a better cardio workout than spinning. As much as I hated it when we were in the pool, I really liked the new routine, Robert is very entertaining so the class flew by, and I really felt like I got a great work out. It is also a really great core workout, you have to have really good form and keep your abs tight, otherwise you will float all over the pool. I learned this the hard way at first. I literally started on the right side in the back and ended up in the front left – I don’t even know how. I swear all the class regulars were probably laughing a bit at me.

The hardest part of the class is trying to keep the form. You have to be nice and tall in order to stay in place and stay floating. Our legs have to stay stick straight, with feet pointed. Bending at the knees makes it easier, and we wouldn’t want that, – would we? I hated how hard this was for me. One of the biggest parts of the workout is cadence, and I was having a hard time counting and focusing on form. I think this would resolve with some more practice though.

Overall, I really liked it. I think I will definitely be back. It $25 a class, so I probably won’t go every week. But I think it would be beneficial for me to make this part of my cross training once in awhile. Not only is it good for me to do more cross training to stay on top of my arthritis,  I think it will help with my other fitness routines as well. The focus on endurance and core are huge benefits that I really want to take advantage of. I also talked to Robert a bit after class about lap swimming lessons he provides. I found from some pretty tragic attempts , that swimming is not something you can teach yourself.

Thanks to Meghan and Jessica for inviting me along! I never would have found this on my own.

IMG 0912

Haha, they are too funny!

In other good news – Today is my last day of work before holiday vacation. We have lab clean up and my boss is taking us out for a nice Indian fest afterwards. What a way to kick off the holidays! And I ran outside this morning for the first time since December 1st! It was 45 degrees out! I didn’t even need gloves – woop woop!

What is something new you tried recently?

Do you have a favorite bowl, like I did? And do you have a strangely close relationship with that bowl?


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