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Decomposition of a Life

Posted Mar 20 2013 8:00am

Black boots

Eggs in skillet

Today I took a step back and took some time to take in my life. Not just my to-do list life, but my in-the-moment life.

The freckles splattered across my face.

The little girl curls at the nape of my neck.

The lingering scar on my right forearm.

Black boots

How the sun feels on my face after too many winter days gone by.

The feel of my feet hitting the pavement when running.

The sunset colors splashed across my apple.

The endless pat-pat-pattering of the computer keys dancing below my bitten-down nails.

Rainy Car side mirror

There is something consoling about the little things that don’t change in the world. It’s these details of my life that have helped propel me through difficult times.

They are tiny reminders that there is still beauty in the world. Amazing beauty hidden from view until the light hits your eye just right.


So why do I neglect these details all too often?

I want to rush past the fine print and get to the big finale.

Just tell me how the story ends not the everyday nuances in between.

Flip to the last chapter and promise me there is a happy ending.

Let me know everyone ends up okay.

shower head

Except you can’t tell the story without the details.

It’s just characters waiting for their lines.

Studio sets without the props.

It’s simply a movie scene and not reality.

Dog in shadows

It’s the everyday hellos, goodbyes, drives to work, packed lunches, disaster dinners, loads of laundry, muddy floors, grocery lists, teeth brushing, email checking, dog walking, gas station stopping, check depositing, egg cracking, trash taking, foot stubbing, bed making, handshakes, hugs, kisses, door slams, wine bottles opening, remote clicking, dishes unloaded, clothes choosing, stomach pinching, contact cleaning, head shaking, nodding, conference calls listening, the tuning out, the tuning in, radio blaring, light switching, hot water turning, hair drying, pillow fluffing, sheets crumpling, coffee sipping, key finding, curtain pulling, door opening, direction checking, car parking, eye rubbing, shoe tying, coat zippering, note taking, paper crumpling, nail biting, toilet flushing, mile running, weight lifting, smiling, giggling, yawning, to-do list writing that make our lives.

And I’m grateful for it all. Daily reminders that I’m alive and just trying to get through this life like everyone else.

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