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Decluttering Mission: Garage

Posted Jul 26 2010 3:25pm
A number of cleaning brushes.

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It’s time to clean up the clutter in the garage and remove everything that is not in use for years.

I have in the garage several plastic items I brought from the company I worked for. They produced plastic products like basins, dish drainers, flower pots, buckets, garbage bins , etc. and sometimes, the products with less quality, were thrown in the recycling area so we were authorized to bring some of them home. And I brought some too much in fact and most of them were never used because I just don’t need them. I’m thinking about making a selection, the good ones I ask the neighbors if they are interested in keeping them and others, if I can not reuse them I will throw them away. I wish there were garage sales here!.

Other stuff I have in the garage is Christmas decorations which I will keep; music tapes from the 80′ and 90′ which I don’t know if they still work;I also have baby clothes from my kids that I refused to give away because they were from their early days, weeks and months. I still don’t know if I’m going to keep them or give them to someone in need.

I also have some camping equipment from my single years. I have one camping tent with one room, a camping gas oven and one camping cabinet. I really don’t know if I should keep this because the tent is to small for the four of us. On one hand I think my son when he is 25 one day, might want to go camping with friends and the tent can be useful by then; on the other hand I think it will be too damaged for him to use.

Oh…and I have in the garage, home decoration items that I never used and which I don’t want to use. Maybe I will give them to an association to be used in a raffle.I like to reuse everything and if I can make some money on the process the better.

Let see if I don’t forget to take the before and after photos!!

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