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Decisions, Decisions

Posted Dec 15 2011 3:54pm

Wow it’s been a month since I’ve posted?! I am alive and doing well!

Well lets see.. I have actually been debating whether or not to stop blogging or not. You see, I just have nothing to blog about anymore! My food is non-interesting.. I eat the same things pretty much everyday. (I mean come on, do you really want to see protein & veggies, and protein oatmeal, and Kashi cereal everyday?) Even when I eat out I’m a creature of habit! I honestly haven’t created any new recipes in probably 6 months or so. When I do bake it’s either been for someone else (like pies or cookies or cakes) or one of my old recipes. Workout wise I could post about..but I do the same program for 6-8 weeks anyway so who really wants to see the same workout over and over?

So as you can see there’s my dilemma! I actually almost shut my blog down a couple weeks ago..but then I decided to leave it up for my recipes. But then the other day I got a couple vibrations on my phone and I saw it was a couple readers comment’s that sent to my email..and it made me miss blogging! So I have no idea what to do..suggestions?

My blog has had a lot of transformations as I have had lots of transformations! It started out as just being a food and exercise blog where I didn’t really have any specific goals in mind besides maintaining my weight. Then it changed to my progress and experimentation through weight lifting and different diets.

At this point in my life, I have some goals in mind but I’m in no hurry to reach them.. I’ve just been living and enjoying life! There’s a few new people in my life who have brought me out of my being strict stage..and I’m happy. I’m leaner than I’ve ever been, yet I go out and eat out way and am much more laid back than I ever have.

With that being said.. I want your guy’s input! Is there anything you would still like me to blog about? Should I just do occasional check ins? Thoughts?

If I don’t post before Christmas I’m wishing you and all of your families a very Merry Christmas! (Oh, and my birthday is in 10 days..Christmas day! Woohoo!)


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