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Dear Soul Sister…

Posted Oct 18 2013 10:14am

My soul sister,

I know this has been a really funky week. There is a lot of energy moving around, and that energy, while draining, is really set up to push you forward. The Universe has given this week to you as an opportunity for you to assess your life on all fronts: career, friendships, finances, romantic relationship, and self-love/self-worth, eating habits, exercise habits. The Universe wants you to own your LIFE as a spiritual practice. When you look at your life as a spiritual practice, it’s not-so-much about the 5 minutes you spend in meditation in the morning. While that is super important and beautiful, you are being pushed right now to make your life your spiritual practice: taking yourself out of victim mode and seeing the world as a big classroom and people as your assignments. This helps you make your life a living meditation, where you make the decisions that align with your inner soul sister who is speaking to you on your meditation pillow every morning. See that connection?

You are being pushed to make a massive change in your life for the better. You are being pushed to release what no longer serves you. It’s sort of like a really tough band-aid that wants to come off. It takes some extra effort to peel off, but it’s well worth it afterwards. At first, it will sting and be uncomfortable. But remember that, when one thing ends, another begins. Your old ways of living are no longer serving you and they are asking to be released and surrendered. You don’t need to know how – you just need to be willing and to state that to the Universe. That takes a lot of energy from you, so be gentle with yourself and REST UP! You need it. This month is about resting, retreating, and quieting your mind. Amp up your meditation and prayer practice. If you’re having trouble articulating your thoughts, write them out. You don’t have to know how to start – you just have to start. Then, the pressure will be off of you.

These next couple months are going to be huge for you. You’ll be go-go-going and revving things up in a big way. Make sure you prep yourself by taking the rest of this month to rejuvenate and get clear about how you want your next two months to go with the big shifts that are happening. November and December are months for you to step more into your own and really own your personal power. As always, it’s up to you whether you want to or not. You always have the choice of free will. But know that all of these changes are happening FOR you – not to you. Beautiful things are on the horizon, sister.

Stay lovely,

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