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Dear Garmin...

Posted Jan 11 2010 8:27am
Will you take me back? Please?

I know I should have written this letter a long time ago, but better late than never, right? I'm sorry for not paying much attention to you lately...oh heck, I'm sorry for abandoning you. I couldn't help it though, I became enamoured by another man. His name is Marcus and while he'll always be a big part of my life now, I think I am ready to have you in my life again too. My heart is big enough for the both of you, I promise.

I can only imagine your heartbreak, laying on the kitchen counter for all of those months. I tried to lessen the blow by plugging you in so that at least you had some kind of charge, but I guess it wasn't enough. It wasn't very kind of me to just leave you like that. I'm sorry.

The real question is, can you forgive me? When you and I went out last Friday night, I couldn't tell if you were still mad at me or not. I kind of think so, since you didn't really cooperate. You gave me a graph of some kind instead of the usual time and distance you used to offer me all the time. I guess I might have to face facts...maybe I just don't know how to push your buttons anymore.

But I'm prepared to work past that. I know I can treat you right again if you'll just give me a chance. I know there is hope left for this relationship because on Sunday you were much more cooperative - thank you for that. It was nice to spend that quality time together again.

So please take this letter as my official apology and my renewed committment to our relationship. Please go steady with me again - through sun and through rain, during training and races, for the fast and the slow...I need you in my life again.

I know ths can't erase the hurt of being left alone all those months, but I hope it can help you forgive me...

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