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Daytona Beach Was Horrible....Myrtle Beach is Much Better

Posted Aug 23 2010 6:33am
We arrived at Daytona Beach to an unexpected surprise. Daytona Beach is very run-down and old, nothing pretty about it. Our hotel was okay, right on the beach and the room was fine but I knew right away that this was not the place for me. We hit the beach hoping to find some beauty in this place and while I knew you could drive on the beach I was not expecting that the cars litterally drive a foot of where you are laying down on the beach. There has been alot of news lately here about some kids that have died here because they were hit by cars driving on the beach and I am shocked that they have not banned this wreckless behaviour. Here is a pic of the cars driving and the people sitting on the beach and these people were actually sitting closer to the water than some. But when the tide comes out, you are litterally sitting where the cars drive.

There is no lines or direction really just that little sign you see there. I was constantly turning to see where the car was when I heard one. Here is my daughter and I on Daytona Beach

We were scheduled to stay at Daytona for 2 nights but after just a few hours (I really knew after a few minutes) we decided we would leave first thing in the morning and cut our losses now. We were scheduled to be in Myrtle Beach in 2 days and I decided to call our hotel there and see if we could get the same room a day earlier. Luckily it was available but it was double the price. So what I was paying for the 2 nights I had scheduled, I was paying the same price for just the one additional night, talk about ripping you off. But whatever.....I knew I had to get out of Daytona Beach ASAP.
So we arrived in Myrtle Beach the following afternoon. It is a nicer town, still not Southern Florida (yes I love Southern Florida) but it was 100 times better than Daytona Beach. Here is the view from our room

We are staying in more the North Myrtle Beach area which isnt as busy and alot prettier....yes I like pretty things....LOL
But the water here is colder and alot waver. Marina and I had fun jumping the waves

Marina also enjoyed body surfing the waves.

Two nights ago we had dinner at an all you can buffet (not my preferred restaurants) but OMG.....they had all you can eat crab legs and my favourite food of all times in crab legs.....I left there so full of crab legs I could not eat any more. Last night we went to a restaurant at the Broadway and I had a chicken stuffed crab that was not very good and alot more expensive than the all you can eat so we decided we will be back to the buffet tonight if not just for the all you can eat steamed crab legs......DELICIOUS!

So our vacation is coming to an end very quickly and lately I have been thinking about what my training schedule needs to be for my first half marathon. I will basically have one month by the time we get home to when my half marathon is scheduled for which means only 3 weeks of actual training and I am not feeling very confident. My last run was 10 miles and I did okay. Anyone have an words of wisdom on how I should conquer my training when I get home?
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