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Day Two of Listening

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:00am
When I was little and didn't want to eat everything on my plate, I would have to sit at the dinner table until I cleaned my plate. I would chew food and hide it in paper towels, or drop pieces on the floor to render them inedible. But eventually I began to eat everything on the plate. I can clean a plate without thinking about it or gauging my hunger level now.

Part of listening is preparing yourself to listen. When dishing out food, I am realizing that I should dish out less food and come back for more if needed. I am home sick today, exhausted and drained from a month without a day off. So I slept as long as possible and prepared lunch. A turkey breast burger with center cut bacon and 2% pepperjack cheese. I made a side of blueberries and was about to dish out a side of carrot chips (carrots sliced into coins) when I looked at the plate and realized how much food was on the plate. Knowing I will eat it all, I decided to just focus on the blueberries and burger.

I still cleaned my plate. I didn't stop and gauge. I am full. Not overly stuffed but bordering stuffed. I ate healthy foods but the portions may have still been too big. But I am working on it. I am trying to listen.
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