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Day….. oh I’ve lost track of the days.

Posted Feb 28 2011 10:04pm

I woke up this morning thinking that no matter what, no matter how slow this weight comes off, I’m going to keep going. This will be the first time in a long time that I’ve followed something through instead of defaulting to my childhood tendencies to drop a mission if there wasn’t any instant gratification.

The scale has been slow. Two or three years ago, all this exercise and portion control would have resulted in 15 to 20 pounds of weight loss a month. I was big, but when my mind was really put to the test, the weight would just melt off my body.

It’s not happening these days. Despite numerous days of exercise, I’m ending this month at 303, eight pounds larger than I intended , but 6.6 pounds smaller than Jan 31st. My net total weight loss for the month was two pounds. Highs hit 313 and lows reached 301 (that was after a very bad food poisoning spell last weekend), so technically there is more than a ten pound spread. But just as in the stock market, you can’t focus on the day-to-day numbers. You got to look at the longterm results.

What has gone wrong with my metabolism? 28 is too young for it to go down the drain. And with those rigorous workouts, something is obviously wrong. I’m thinking it’s my food intake.

You’ve heard me jump back and forth between WW and to not WW. I dropped Weight Watchers (again) a few days ago in order to shift those funds to pay for my personal training sessions. Life is sacrifice, isn’t it?

Among the many nuggets of goodness that I am getting from my new personal trainer, she recommended that I try using as a calorie counting tool and nutrition guide. Cyclist Lance Armstrong started this site in an effort to educate the masses about exercise and nutrition, and it’s since turned into a reputable (and free!) source for anyone interested in health.

I like free, so I am going to give it a go. And it’s a little less visually overwhelming than (although I have heard many good things about Sparkpeople).

So my challenge in March is to document my eating habits everyday. I start a series of trips next week, so this is going to be interesting. But I can do this. I also have a 5k coming up in a few weeks, the first of the monthly 5ks (or 5+ks) for the rest of the year.

So Day 13 marks the end of February. Saturday, a travel day and also Day 18, will be the first day in my working out on the road test. March is going to be interesting, but I’m renewing my 10 pound challenge. I’m ending March at no more than 293 lbs!

As for Day 13′s workout, I squeezed in the walking incline and elliptical intervals (60 minutes of cardio) along with some much-needed stretching. Solid.

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