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Day- 39 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Posted Jun 30 2011 3:36pm

I don’t think I have yet to share this on my blog yet, but starting October 1, 2011 I will begin my 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training!

At the beginning of the year I made a new years resolution to combat my stress and anxiety. One of the ways I planned to do that was through deep breathing techniques and yoga and I’ve fallen in love with the later- yoga. I’m not crazy about the ohm’s or crazy names like Virabhadrasana –why can’t they just say Warrior 1?

What I love about yoga is that is helps me connect my mind, body, and breath; it gives me time to let my thoughts go and to focus on myself. I also love it for the amazing stretch I get, the flexibility I had when I was a dancer is coming back and it helps me to prevent injury while working out.

No matter the reason, its something that makes me feel good and I want to learn more about it, I want more of it in my life, and I want to learn and deepen my appreciation for it.

Find something you love and do it….find 10 things you love and do them all!

I looked into yoga teacher training retreats that were 3 months, some in Bali, India, Costa Rica and they all seemed amazing! but them I snapped back to reality and remembered I had a husband, 2 dogs, a mortgage,  a job (or 2 sometimes 3), and other life priorities that weren’t going to wait 3 months for me to “find myself”

Some things you should dive head first into but for me I was looking to intertwine yoga into my life, not make it my life.

I found a yoga studio in a town over from where I live called A Yoga Practice , that had a yoga teacher training program and after talking it over with Jarod got in touch with the owner Sylvia and set up an appointment to meet with her. It went great, she eased my mind on so many levels and I felt excited to start; but that was back at the end of March and I had months to go.

Sylvia told me to think about it and get back to her and I almost immediately did a day later. Even though life has its setbacks and I certainly have my share of them, I’m still going to start in October, I think it’s going to help me on so many more levels, and I need that right now.

On Sylvia’s Facebook page for A Yoga Practice she recently posted this that made me even more confident in my decision to take on the training:

“I came to the conclusion that everybody would benefit from a yoga teacher training program. From all the wonderful comments I heard during the graduation last weekend and through the years, few of them were about teaching, but mostly about life changing, self-discovery, less judgmental, contentment and peace. For me it’s about surrendering to what is and acceptance. A great lesson :)
Abundance and joy!   -Sylvia Clement

and on A Yoga Practices website:

RYT 200-hour, yoga teacher training program, register with Yoga Alliance. Our program is suitable for those interested in teaching yoga or for those who simply want to deepen their understanding and knowledge of this ancient tradition with profound contemporary applications.

Our program emphasizes a well-balanced approach to yoga, enhancing the physical, mental, and emotional components of our being. You do not need to have any particular proficiency in the asanas (postures), as our philosophy is that the person is more important than the posture, and every aspect of yoga, including the poses, must be tailored to each individual’s capacities. You will find that A Yoga Practice respects these qualities of acceptance, non-judgment, and balance. A student of Yoga looking for a Yoga Asanas (postures) teaching alone must understand that this is not the right school for them. On the other hand, those who are interested to go on a discovery journey of what Yoga is in its entirety and have a longing inside to live to their fullest potential, you have just come across your next step.

To take part in one of our trainings you do not need a very flexible body. A courageous heart and a flexible mind is all that is necessary to start the journey.

I’ve ordered my yoga books needed for the class and put down my initial deposit and I’m getting really excited!

I’m also excited that it starts in October because the weekend after my first yoga class is my competition and then I will have a new goal all ready set up. I’ve heard a lot about post competition “craziness” so having something to fall right into is almost too perfect.

I can’t wait to share my roughly 8 month experience here on my blog :)

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