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Day 2 in Chicago: blogger meet up, biking tour and foooooood!

Posted Jul 14 2009 11:32pm
Day 2 in Chicago was even more fun that Day 1. I've met two fabulous ladies, did a biking tour around old town and the beach.... I have no words to describe how beautiful Chicago is and how kind people are in Chicago.
I took the train to meet with Michelle from Lucky Taste Buds! She is the sweetiest girl I've met!!! She's pretty, TALL, fresh and really a sweet person!!! yeah~~~ Sweet is the word that keep popping in my head when I think about her. Look what a great gift she brought to me...

so many goodies! I've already ate those cute hearty cookies! hahaha....Love those!

I wanted to go to the indian place that Michelle recommended to me but I had a biking tour at 1.30pm and didn't have enough time, so I just grab a turkey sandwich on my way. I guess I'll have to visit Chicago again for that Indian food!!! (which I'd love to and actually plan to)
Our tour guide explaining safety of the bike
and then we went to explore the city
this is the first play boy house!
the first house built after the great fire
a miracle church reconstructed two years after the fire
it's really beautiful
my casual outfit for the occasion
the beach was CROWDED
And then Mara from What's for dinner? was sooooooooo kind to pick me up in downtown. We couldn't arrange a place that is convenient for both of us (i don't have a car and have to commute in public transportation and she drives so parking would be a problem if we pick a place in downtown). After several emails she was so nice to offer to pick me up in downtown and go wherever we want for dinner. How nice! But her kindness just began. She took me to a Mediterranean restaurant and we had a feast there!!! So much good food!!!
Appetizer: falafel, hummus, Persian salad, rice and pita bread
My entree: vegetarian selection 2. I don't know the name of these... but they were delicious!!! When we finished our dinner, she offered to drive me home, which is about an hour driving!!! That saved me waiting for two hours and take the train for 90 min!!! I can't be more thankful!!! Thank you Mara, you're awesome!!! And she's sooooofunny!!! We had great time chatting and kept saying the same thing at the same time!!! hahaha..... maybe because we're about the same age, we share many thoughts and feelings about getting old! ^_^

Such a great day and great trip, although too short. But that's not a problem, this is just an "appetizer" of Chicago, I'm going to come back for the "entree" soon!

Lastly I want to thank to DC, who was a great host as well his family. We've become friends after we met on my flight back to China at the end of last year. Such a way to meet friends!!! A shout out of us near The Bean!

hahaha.... as Michelle said: I'm a lucky girl who always meet good people!

I have couple of things to review: the Skin Type book, Amazing Grass and a new toy!! ^_^ Stay tune!

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