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Day 10

Posted Jun 01 2011 2:54pm

Yesterday after I got out of work Jarod and I decided to take a ride with the dogs and since the weather was a little hot/muggy a drive near the coast was a perfect opportunity to feel a breeze. We Rode along Route 1 north until we got to Portsmouth, NH and then drove back home.

There was a “health” grocery store I also wanted to check out called Philbrick’s Fresh Market. It was really nice, a little on the pricey side, but stocked with great hard to find items along with fresh and local produce and meats.


I knew that we would be driving around during my “Feed-Me” time so I packed a cooler with water, 5 oz of grilled chicken, and some measured out flaxseed oil and balsamic dressing since I planned on grabbing a salad at Philbrick’s. When I was there I also saw some grilled asparagus seasoned with lemon juice so I picked up a few spears of that too.

I laughed when I watched Jarod eating pasta salad and spring rolls he picked out for dinner while I ate my salad and asparagus. packing a cooler is really convenient, I know exactly how much chicken and dressing I have and I don’t need to worry about how a restaurant prepared my meal, its actually saving me money. Any other time Jarod and I would have stopped for a bite to eat. It is hard though not to sample a bite of Jarod’s dinner, I’m infamous for taking his last bite or the best piece….now I try not to look, its better if I don’t think about what I can’t have and focus on when and what I can.

Work It Out

So I did the unthinkable and ran this morning, even after my leg workout yesterday. It wasn’t easy but I missed the spin class I was attempting to take and I knew I wanted a good cardio workout. The best way for me to gauge a good cardio workout is the amount I sweat! The only two things that really do that for me in running and spinning and the once in a blue moon session on the stepmill.

When I got the gym at 6 I was determined to run so I hopped on the treadmill, threw my towel over the display screen, put my headphones in, and started pressing the speed up to a comfortable 5.8 mph pace. My legs immediately felt heavy and I knew this was not going to be easy so I figured some motivating music would get me through it, but to my surprise my i-pod was completely dead! I plugged my headphones into the TV screen in front of me and sound would only come out of 1 ear bud, so annoying. 2 minutes in and I wanted to quit but knew I would kick myself in the butt later on with regret. I set the treadmill to a decline and zoned out for 5 miles. I may be the only person in the world that lovessss to run downhill. I don’t care if its considered “cheating” if it gets me through 5 miles with no music a day after a leg workout, then so be it.

Tonight’s a work night so I definitely needed my afternoon ice coffee pick me up at 3. In the morning I’ve been dumping whatever leftover coffee we have into a Nalgene bottle and putting it in the fridge to make our own iced coffees and its been working out perfectly for me in the afternoons. Sometimes I’ll stop at Heavenly Donuts on my way back to work after lunch but I’m always tempted by the flavored coffee’s like- Mocha cinnamon french toast, Kaluha coconut, and swiss chocolate almond (to name my top 3, there are so many more) so making my own helps my willpower.

Tomorrow morning I have a pt session with Jena so hopefully tonight’s not a late night at the golf course but the Bruins are playing at 8 so I’m guessing that wont happen.

Side Note: How is it June 1st already!?

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