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Day 1 Galloway Training Group

Posted Jul 27 2011 10:39am

This morning was the first meeting of the spring DC Metro Area Galloway Running Group.  I have run with this group before, back in the fall of 2009.  I first heard about Jeff Galloway and his walk/run program in 2009 when I was running with the Montgomery County Road Runners Club .  They have great training programs and coaches, but I was getting injured too much.  I did some research on the internet and discovered the Galloway program, which I immediately tried.  I found that my pace did not change at all (caveat – I am a slow runner, definitely back of the pack!) even with using walk breaks.  My recoveries were much quicker and I wasn’t getting injuries.

The true test were the two 10K races I had in November 2009.  The first one I ran the whole way and finished in 1:04:09, and the second one I used the run/walk technique and finished in 1:03:41.  Almost the same exact pace, but it took me a week to recover from the first race, and I was fine the next day after the second race.

I have two Galloway books that I recommend.  Galloway’s Book on Running and Galloway Training ProgramsJeff Galloway’s website is full of useful information .

There were a lot of people at the group run today, and many more men than there were the last time I was in the group, which was good to see.  Men can use the walk/run method and not feel like sissies!  I tried to get my husband to run, but he just won’t do it.  Since today was the first day, we worked on figuring out our pace so that we can be placed in pace groups next week.  We did a warm up mile, a “magic” mile, and a cool down mile.  The magic mile is used to determine pace and goals.  The idea is to run one mile a little hard than normal pace, but not running all out.  Walking during the mile is fine too of course.

It’s a good idea to run a magic mile every month or so to check progress, if increasing speed is your goal.  There is nothing wrong with running slowly, and nothing wrong with being happy with one’s current pace.

When I did the magic mile in the fall of 2009 my pace was a little less than 9 minutes. Today it was 10:36.  I am much slower because I stopped running in November, and just resumed at the beginning of April, and it is going to take some time to increase my speed and endurance.  I’m glad I did the magic mile today, so I can track my progress.

Today’s workout wasn’t too taxing:

Warm up mile 1:  14:30 pace

Magic mile 2:  10:36 pace

Cool down mile 3:  14:14 pace

It was a beautiful morning, temps in the mid-60’s, sunny, not much humidity.  This group meets in Northern Virginia on the Mount Vernon Trail and today we began our run at Daingerfield Island, which has a marina and where you can watch the planes take off and land at Reagan National Airport.  You can also see the Washington Monument and the Capitol.

Question:  Do you prefer to run with a group, or alone?

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