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Day 1 - 30 Day Challenge

Posted May 29 2012 8:38pm
Good evening!

I'm beat. I really am. I have mental capacity, but not physical capacity. As I write this post I'm watching "Sweetie Pie's" on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). The owner used to be a backup singer for Tina and Ike Turner (the Ikettes haha). I have to say I'm quite proud of myself. I just ate a salad, and I have no cravings as I sit here and watch the cooks fry up this fried chicken and baked macaroni and cheese.

(Romaine hearts, chopped with blueberries, cucumber with peel, grape tomatoes, salmon, and lite caesar dressing - 4oz of homemade red wine, it was a gift)

When I got home I put groceries away, checked on laundry in the basement, and took Maia for a quick 15 minute walk. I wanted to get in a little more activity before I sat down for the night to blog and study.
Yesterday I weighed myself (not a good idea after a holiday weekend), and I wasn't happy. I jumped in the shower and cried. I'm at my heaviest. You don't look in the mirror and say "I'm just gonna go ahead and gain another 10... oh wait, slap another 40 on there while you're at it." And it literally feels like overnight.  I texted my coworker who I always go to lunch with "Don't ask me to go to UNO's for lunch anymore, I'm officially a gym-rat again!" and she replied "Alright alright alright alriiiiight!" So we're good!
I think it's easy to be influenced by others, but I'm an adult and I need to keep on it, just like I was at the beginning of the year. I can do it. I know I can. Anyways, I digress!
This morning I woke up and made a salad to take to work, and cracked open a Yoplait to swallow down my vitamins. I walked Maia and headed to work. At lunch I hit HealthPoint (BSC - Boston Sports Clubs). I have to say... I didn't want to even go because I only had a sleeveless shirt in my gymbag. Ugh. I was like "Really?!" I hate my arms. When I was 21, I loved my arms. Time to get back to that. I didn't even want to walk in, but when I did... I was like "What was my problem, this is no big deal, no one's even looking at me!" I did strength training, then cardio, then some pull-down reps for my back.

I was using MyFitnessPal app to fill in my exercises as I went but it became a distraction. So I opened the Notes app on my iPhone and just plugged everything in to keep it short. When I returned to work I put everything into MFP.

I worked out upstairs because all treadmills were taken and a few were out of service. The view was nicer upstairs anyway!

I fell in love with this machine. As soon as I saw that it works the "back fat" area... I was game! I did 3 sets of 20 on the 4th setting. I'm assuming it's about 10lbs per knob.

 I realized that I didn't have any protein drinks at work, so I grabbed a quick strawberry smoothie with a scoop of protein (for an extra $1, grrr) at the cafe. DELISH. Okay so that $1 was worth it. Whatever!

I sucked down half of the smoothie on the drive back to the office, which is all of 5 minutes. I remember my trainer telling me how important it is to have protein within 30 minutes after working out to help your muscles rebuild. When I got back I made a salad and heated up an Old el Paso chicken, bean and rice pouch. The calories aren't bad. Sodium is probably the only thing. Well plus the fact that it's processed... but after a workout, 1/3 cup wasn't going to kill me, plus I had nothing else to eat with it.
I need to lose 47lbs in order to be where i was when I was 6 years ago. I'm confident that I can do it.
All in all it was a good day and I feel pretty damn good!
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