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David Kirsch – Sound Body Sound Mind 6 week bootcamp

Posted Aug 01 2010 12:00am

Wanting the post baby body of Heidi Klum (without being post baby), I was introduced to personal trainer David Kirsch.

David Kirsch - Personal Trainer

David Kirsch - Personal Trainer

After doing my normal and very necessary research about his exercise philosphy on his website and through other resources such as a feature article about him in the ‘health and fitness’ magazine, I decided to make two purchases: His book: ‘Sound Mind Sound Body ‘ and his complimentary DVD: ‘ David Kirsch’s Sound Mind Sound Body Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp

This book and this DVD have been my fitness bible for the past 4 years. Im not super althetic, I do not have killer abs and I’m not gorgeously toned, but this is not the fault of this book or DVD.

This Book and DVD has taught me a lot about physical fitness and healthier eating.

The sound mind sound body book, is about adopting a new lifestyle mental and physically. The concept is hard work leads to positve results and focuses on making lifestyle changes rather that guiding you with quick and dirty solutions to weight lost.

When I tried the diet in the book for a two weeks – I was eating more but I actually I felt lighter, I lost weight and most importantly I enjoyed the food. The food prep was quite time consuming but now that I think about it a lot of my cooking nowadays reflects the simple basics that I’ve adopted from this book. For example, how I prepare chicken and lightly frying fish in crushed almonds.

Sound mind, Sound body, 14 day meal plan

The book gives you a good guidelines as to eating for your body type. It also guides you on exercises that are specific to your body type. The book uses symbols on the exercise demo pages that represent the five body types: apple, pear, stick, round or symmetically fit. This is an easy way of knowing what exercises are best for you. The programs in the book vary and sometimes I used to get confused about reps and frequency of training.

Sound Mind, Sound body, exercise plan

The DVD really applies the exercises in the book together they are great. Showing a boot camp of apx 40 minutes, this DVD makes your realise that you had muscles even where you didnt know you had them. The DVD focuses on what some call circuit/interval training, this means that it gives a mix of cardovasular exercises in between weight bearing exercises. The DVD advises you to use weights, it doesnt tell you how heavy the weights need to be. The DVD is not for the faint hearted, its hard but extremely effective. Ive followed the DVD for 2 weeks – 6 days a week and saw some serious results. The dvd gets you going with some serious moves that are called ‘distinctively david moves’ in normal terms these exercises can be defined as moves that combine two exercise which in turn increase the productivity of the exercise. The DVD focuses on all parts of the body, however the lunges and push ups are serious and after the first couple of sessions your arms and thighs feel sore. The DVD doesnt tell you how often you should be doing the DVD, and some of the edits are a bit strange but by far this is the best work out DVD Ive ever seen.

My favourite moves would be Distinctively David’s Sumo Lunges – they are so effective but still fun. I also like his sit up series, there is no wasted movement with these, you feel the burn!

Sumo Lunges

Sumo Lunges

Buy David Kirsch’s Sound Body, Sound Mind Book and/or   David Kirsch’s Sound body, Sound Mind, 6 week Bootcamp on DVD from Amazon



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