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Dates and Brunches

Posted Aug 20 2011 12:06am

Yes, dates as in the fruit – my life is not all that exciting! It’s friday again! So of course, I have some new finds for you.

I think the biggest, truest discovery this week was covered in yesterday’s post on intuitive eating .  To tell the truth, I was really hesitant to post it, thinking that I would get some nasty replays – but the blog world has been there for me once again.  Thanks, all! Commenters, bloggers, and readers alike :-)

A good restaurant brunch is really good.

This morning I went to breakfast/brunch at a Chicago chain called Orange with a Peel.  They call themselves a ‘contemporary’ brunch restaurant, and have some really cool things on the menu, like chai latte french toast or jelly doughnut pancakes!  I went with the tried-and-true choice.

2011 08 19 10 16 54

orange flavored coffee, with a bit of soy milk. this stuff was so.good.

2011 08 19 10 26 49

house made granola with almonds, pepitas, raisins, dried cherries, sesame seeds, hemp seed and honey. with really good toasted oats and soy milk.

2011 08 19 10 28 51

I asked them to add blueberries... unfortunately they were frozen, not fresh :-(

I apologize for the sub-par photos, I was using my phone’s camera.

Make it yourself all natural sweetener.

IMG 1305

sweet & simple date paste sweetener

made only with medjool dates, soaked and processed!  I’ve used it to sweeten my coffee and my oats so far, and it’s great!  Very light, and doesn’t change the flavor too much.  And super cheap, too!

Savory Oats. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

IMG 1294

with some mixed greens, a homemade tomato and red pepper sauce, tempeh and nooch

IMG 1297

all mixed up and ready to eat!

These made a full meal, but were light and so delicious!

Now it’s off to bed before Zumba (!!) tomorrow morning.

Do you like restaurant brunch?

Have you ever made your own sweetener or used date paste? Thoughts?

Savory oats – yes or no?

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