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Date Night at Veggie Fun!

Posted Jan 25 2013 3:46pm

One of Matty and I’s favorite things to do is to seek out new vegan-friendly restaurants. Even though Matty isn’t vegan, he really digs trying out new vegan foods – especially local hole-in-the-wall restaurants. On Wednesday night, we ventured to a new vegan restaurant in downtown Providence called Veggie Fun .

 What a fun name, eh? I know, I know. I’m so punny. ;-)

The restaurant opened within the past year and serves a wide variety of Pan-Asian food, all of which is vegan!  Matty and I both agree that we’re so lucky to live in such a vegan-friendly area with so many amazing restaurants less than 20 minutes from our doorstep. It’s definitely something we don’t take for granted! Veggie Fun turned out to be a welcomed new addition to our local restaurant circuit.

The lighting was super dim, which definitely amped up the romantic ambience … but didn’t really mesh well with the act of picture-taking.

Summer Rolls

We began with summer rolls, Vietnamese-style raw rolls with shredded carrot and lettuce, firm bean curd (tofu), and basil leaves. The rolls came with your run-of-the-mill moo-shu sauce. I really enjoyed them! Summer rolls are my favorite appetizer to order and these definitely didn’t disappoint my taste buds. All of the ingredients were fresh and fabulous!

Matty and I both opted to have miso soup before our entrees. It was just the thing to warm us up, considering it was a mere 13 degrees outside. It has been freakin’ freezing lately!

Boston Lettuce Wraps

After much debate, I decided on the Boston Lettuce wraps. This was a simple pile of shitake mushroom, turnips, celery, carrots, and bean curd, sauteed in a light brown sauce and topped with pine nuts. I loved them. The flavors were simple and fresh, just how I like my meals, and the pine nuts were a nice surprise! I happily cleared my plate. No surprise there!

When it comes to picture-taking at restaurants, I smile…

…and Matty makes a “special face.”

This is his “I’m 4-years-old and can hardly wait to eat!” face. What a gem.

We’re fun.

Anyways, back to dinner. Matty ordered the General Gao’s “chicken” with broccoli. He was a big fan (as if the smile didn’t already say it).

Overall, Matty and I really enjoyed our meal. We can’t wait to head back and try something different! The service was quick, efficient, and friendly too. Our waitress was so rad. I told her that she was such a sweet waitress and thanked her. “Oh! I was just saying how beautiful your smile was. It’s so nice!” she said. My heart melted into a puddle. 

After a cold walk to the car, Matty and I rocked out to Maroon 5 and ended the night with The Biggest Loser. We are loving this season’s  contestants. Right now, I’m rooting for Jackson. I just love his attitude and his tenacity! Are you watching at all?

Happy Friday, friends. Enjoy your evening!

Stay lovely,

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