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Date Night at The Block

Posted Oct 14 2010 10:08pm

Date Night for me and the fiance. We love cooking our meals at home but once in awhile we make plans to have date night to get out of the house and give the kitchen a rest.

For date night on a weeknight, we decided to stay close and go to The Block at Orange . There are plenty of restaurant options but we wanted a quick, no fuss and casual place tonight.

Corner Bakery Cafe . The cafe has plenty of healthy options on their menu.


Dessert Mecca (complete with its own spotlight)


However, they do have assortment of fresh fruits if you’d rather have that instead.


The fiance ordered the Club Panini, served with potato chips and 1/4 pickle. I had a bite and it was good but I noticed the bread felt greasy and buttery. He loved it.

IMG_0264a   IMG_0263a

I ordered a panini & salad combo. Half Chicken Pomodori sandwich, which has roasted chicken, tomatoes, fresh basil and cheese.


For my salad, I chose a bowl of fruit salad. I ate everything on my plate. I didn’t have my usual afternoon snack, so I had quite an appetite come dinner time.


I wanted to bring dessert and eat it at the movies. Plenty to choose from but I had my eye on the Pumpkin Pound Cake.


I was given a really thick slice, almost 2 servings worth since it was the last slice from the loaf. Score!


The first few bites were ok, they were a little dry but as I started eating the part towards the middle, it was more moist and the taste of the pumpkin flavor intensified. I also sprinkled some cinnamon and nutmeg on the cake.

I ate half the slice and saved the rest for later.

Being a weeknight, the theater was really empty. Besides the employees, it felt like were the only ones walking around. I actually like it being empty because these place has 30 theaters and can get really crowded on the weekends.


We watched The Social Network  and I thought it was an interesting story not just about Facebook but how so many things have changed because of social networking. I liked the movie and it kept me interested the whole time. It was neat to see Harvard in the movie because I visited it last October and took a campus tour. So when they showed scenes on campus, I repeated  many times “Oh, I went there and there….and there too”.

All actore played their part well but I was quiet impressed with Justin Timberlake’s acting too. While watching the movie, not once did I think I was watching Justin Timberlake, he really became his character.

What a fun and relaxing night. So excited tomorrow is Friday. I have some fun plans this weekend :)

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