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Daily Musings & #plantPOWER Grand Prize!

Posted Nov 13 2012 3:35pm

So happy to see that you’re loving the curried cauliflower tabbouleh ! It tastes even better the second day, so I recommend making it the day before you decide to serve it up to others.

Last night, my sweet tooth was in full-force, which is a very atypical thing for me. I tend to crave saltier and crunchier foods like olives, popcorn, and Mary’s Gone Crackers. I know, I’m a rare breed. I liken my soft-and-sweet craving to the forthcoming appearance of my “friend down under.” You’re welcome. ;-)

I nestled up on the couch beside my Dad with a bowl of pumpkin pie spiced banana soft serve. 

Can I get an amen?

I grabbed a frozen banana, sliced it into chunks and tossed it into the food processor with 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice. In a small, separate bowl, I combined 2 Tbsp each of organic peanut flour and unsweetened almond milk and poured it over the soft serve. Finally, I garnished the dessert with organic, shredded coconut and raw carob chips. Even my dad was drooling!

We enjoyed our respective evening eats while watching season one of 24 . That show is so addicting that we can’t watch just one episode in a sitting. We’ve collectively decided that our 24 date nights will be between the hours of 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Nerd alert!


I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle my morning yoga session with the lovely Tara Stiles.

Since receiving the This is Yoga DVD collection on Sunday , I’ve almost worked my way through disc three, AM/PM Yoga for Everyone, and love it so much. I’ve gotten a few questions about the series from you guys and I’m thinking it might be best to compile your questions into a vlog review of the This is Yoga collection when I complete the series. What do you think? Let me know!

Now, let’s revert back to food again, shall we? Of course we shall. This afternoon’s lunch was definitely something to write home about! I can’t really take credit though, because it all comes from the brains behind Garden Grille

Like most days, today was take-your-#plantPOWER-salad-to-work-day, inspired by Garden Grille’s Roasted Squash Salad: arugula, radicchio, butternut squash cubes, quinoa, poppyseeds, and sunflower seeds. This nutritious blend of veggies and seeds was drizzled with Garden Grille’s hazelnut vinaigrette. It was amazing.

Remember that we don’t never have to obsess over or count calories. Our bodies have an amazing way of telling us what we need when we eat whole, plant-based foods. The equaion looks something like this: Eat plants —> Receive easy digestion —> Have stellar energy —> Love your body.


As you may or may not know, Wrennie was our challenge grand prize winner! Kasey and I really didn’t plan on having a grand prize winner because we always want everyone to feel loved and included. But, when we saw how much Wrennie embraced this challenge, we could tell it was really transforming her from the inside out. That, my friends, is what #plantPOWER is all about – a natural, beautiful, gradual change into an improved version of yourself – through plants!

                               octoberChallengeBTNwinner wrennie

Kasey’s bittie, Sarah , has graciously offered to custom design a wine glass especially for Wrennie! She is amazing – make sure you check out Designs by Sarah , her Etsy shop!



Continuing with Kasey’s crafty friends, Maggie has made some beautiful wash cloths for Wrennie too! Such a lucky lady. 


 Huge thank you, again, to all of our #plantPOWER supporters!

Make sure you get your #plantPOWER Thanksgiving Day recipes in by THIS SUNDAY, October 18! We want to see what you’ll be making!

Stay lovely,

P.S. – Let’s not forget about #jadorelavie4sandy ! It’s the season of giving so let’s not forget about those who have lost so much. Email me your J’adore la vie moments and you’ll be helping the victims of Sandy make some more J’adore la vie moments of their own!

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