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Daily Eats and A Smoothie Recipe!

Posted Apr 03 2012 4:41pm

One exam down, one to go! My life has been consumed by studying these past few days. I feel like it is ever ending, BUT I know that it will. Just gotta get through these next few days :)

It has been pretty stressful, and I thought about not blogging today. I quickly changed my mind since blogging makes me happy and helps to keep me sane.
The rest of this post will contain my eats from yesterday and today. [I eat a lot, don't judge ;) ] Here we go!
After-noon snack while studying
2 slices 100% whole wheat bread topped with 1 tbsp PB and a granny smith apple (whatever didn’t fit ON the apple is on the side ;) )
One small sweet potato
A made up honey-soy glazed salmon (modifying the recipe before I post it!) with baked sweet potato “fries” and roasted asparagus [I currently have an obsession with sweet potatoes. I could eat them everyday for every meal.]
Pre-workout (5 mile speed work and strength training):
My homemade blueberry muffin with a dab of almond butter and drizzle of honey and 1/2 banana
A Mango-Banana Smoothie and 1/2 a PB&J sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread (not pictured). This smoothie DEFINITELY hit the spot this morning ;)
Morning Snack:
Steel Cut Oats (from sunday’s batch) with non fat blueberry greek yogurt mixed in. (Not a fan of fruit flavored yogurt, I’d rather make my own – but it is nice to have an easy option on hand when needed – i.e. 2 exams in the week – this one only has 13g of sugar per serving vs. 19-24g in other brands)
I topped it with a dollop of peanut butter. This held me over until a late lunch after my exam – score!
The blob of PB is only a tbsp – natural PB doesn’t stay together very well unless refrigerated ;)

A grilled chicken sandwich on 100% whole wheat trader joe’s fiber bread with Nana’s peppers, basil, tomato and baby romaine. [toasted bread to prevent sogginess]

Celery and some hummus on the side.

I have some FOB cottage cheese and granola for later before my last class to hold me over until dinner later tonight.
Looking through my eats, packed lunches aren’t nearly as exciting as preparing the meal at home – o well, gotta do what you gotta do! It was still yummy :)
I’m off to study for advanced nutrition now.
Have an awesome Tuesday ;)
~ L
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