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Cycle while you work

Posted Feb 01 2012 12:00am

I’m willing to bet that you either have an exercise bike which you never use or never bought one because you were sure you’d end up never using it.

Well, I had that problem; an expensive exercise bike which I’d bought when recovering from a bad injury and needed ‘soft’ exercise as part of my physiotherapy. When I was fine to train once again, the bike stood in the corner, all forlorn and gathering dust. I had considered getting rid of it, but the resale is not so great, and I didn’t really want to give it away for nothing.

Until one day I saw the exercise bike in a different light. I thought, “Well, if I’m sitting down, I can manage to cycle and work for half an hour every day, shouldn’t I?” So, what I did was this. I got a wine cork, some scotch / duct tape and wooden cutting board which I didn’t need. Now I had a flat, and stable ‘table’ upon which I could either put a keyboard and work off a larger screen, or do as I did, which to put my 13″ laptop on it and tap away at my inbox, and let’s be honest, Facebook.

You can do this too. It’s really quite easy. All you need is an exercise bike and some things you should find around the house.

I took pictures of it, so take a look at them below and let me know how your efforts went. If you’re on your bum, you may as well be toning it!


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