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Cutting Juice Drinks And Sugary Drinks For Better Health

Posted Apr 08 2009 12:00am

Because most people do not get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, Juice Plus+® is the recommended supplement of choice, because Juice Plus+® contains nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

One of the easiest way to get back to a healthy weight is to cut out juice drinks and other sugary drinks from your diet. The rule of thumb to remember that is much easier - just drink water. You can have a cup of coffee or iced tea at times, but by drinking water most of the time as your #1 beverage, you won't have to worry about added calories from juice drinks, soft drinks, or other unhealthy sugary drinks. Here's more from on how elminating these drinks can make a big difference in your weight, and your health--

Liquid calories are the bigger culprit than food itself, when it comes to weight loss, a new study suggests. That means soft drinks or soda, as well as fruit drinks, fruit punch and high-calorie beverages sweetened with sugar.

The researchers examined the relationship between beverage consumption among adults and weight change and found weight loss linked to a reduction in liquid calorie consumption. Liquid calorie intake had a stronger impact on weight than solid calorie intake among the 810 male and female subjects recruited from Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Durham, N.C., and Portland, Ore. The results are published in the April 1 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Read more...

Comments: A healthy diet starts with plenty of water each day. We know from successful 'dieters' that this one action leads to not only better health and weight loss, but more energy as well because sugar tends to 'rob' the body of that high-energy level that most people seek.

Another interesting note: the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also has published a study on the effectiveness of Juice Plus+® nutritional supplement. This is a great way to get added nutrients from fruits and vegetables without the sugar, which can be important for diabetics.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
Official Juice Plus+® Independent Distributor

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