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Cutting Coffee + Adding “Better” Sweets

Posted Mar 14 2013 8:15pm

First of all, before you read, don’t take this title too literal before you read on. 

Do you ever have a week or two where you just feel completely off? Or you just take a long stretch off from working out? My mind and body are so out of whack right now. It’s amazing that it’s been two weeks and I still can’t 100% shake this cold. I still feel it a bit in my head and throat, and I’ve only gotten in mild workouts, if any.

I tried to run in the park yesterday but ended up walking most of it. It was nice anyway to get out, get some fresh air and move a little bit.


It started to get pretty cold as the sun was setting though, so I made my way home quickly. I love that it’s light out until almost 7:30 because now I can plan to run outside after work. Before last weekend it was dark before I even left work!


Another odd change since I’ve been off my routine is that I’ve pretty much nixed coffee. I’ve been drinking about 4 cups of (echinacea) tea a day! I won’t lie, I am getting major headaches. I figure it’s nice to detox for a while but I will sure be needing my coffee again next week when I am travelling for work. There’s going to be a few long days that coffee will be needed to get through (even if it is mental!).


As far as eating, I’ve been pretty good. Tonight’s dinner was stuffed sole (from Omaha Steaks – we got a mixed package as a Christmas gift) and whole wheat pasta mixed with spinach, olive oil, nutritional yeast, and spices.


My biggest problem for the last few months has been sweets, so I am finding ways to satisfy that craving without the guilt.


Before this week, I had tried almost all flavors of Quest bars except the Banana Nut Muffin and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – both are absolutely amazing and probably my new favorites!

I also baked a loaf of quick bread using this recipe , but substituting coconut oil, almond milk, and agave. I added 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and about 1/3 cup raisins. It almost tastes like Ezekiel cinnamon raison english muffins ! It is super dense but not overly sweet. Perfect with almond butter and banana.



These Kashi chocolate squares were an impulse buy at the grocery store, but for 160 calories, they are a perfect snack heated up in the microwave and topped with fat free whip (ohh the fake stuff!). Hopefully this will stop me from eating a box of Girl Scout Samoas cookies (which was done not too long ago; 1 down, 1 to go).


And here’s a picture of Gus sleeping just because….


Alright, off to watch TV.. is Grey’s Anatomy new tonight? I should know this.

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