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Cut Me Some Slack

Posted Jul 03 2013 1:01pm
Do you ever need to stop, slow down and cut yourself or someone else a break?

Thus far this week I've been having to cut myself some "slack". Through a series of life hiccups things just haven't gone as planned and I've had to adjust or totally miss my workouts, planned meals, and planned duties.
Monday a delayed plane on Sunday lead to a mad dash to work on Monday and no workout.  I did get grocery shopping done and a healthy Greek chicken salad made.  Abs are made in the kitchen, so that's something.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 3:55 with the intention to join my MarathonFest training group for mile repeats.  I think I fell back asleep in the bathroom, because I "woke up" and it was around 4:20 and I wouldn't have made it to the track on time.  Back to bed I went...
After a bonus 2 hours of sleep, my morning went off without a hitch.  I fueled myself with Van's gluten free waffles and peanut butter in the car on the way to my final internship rotation (which I'm loving BTW).
Tuesday afternoon I went to leave my internship and head to Disney to announce at an AAU Opening Ceremony.  Key into ignition, turned it...nada.  Long story short we tried to jump it, that didn't work, I called a tow truck, the tow truck was able to jump it, and I motored onto Disney hoping the battery would recharge along the way.  What do you think?

False.  After a rain-shortened opening ceremony, I patiently waited for the second tow truck of the day to arrive to me.  Thankfully some of my awesome Disney friends were able to give my car enough juice to get moving.  Thank you also to our PA Frank who sat with me and entertained me with cat videos.
My car is now resting comfortably at the repair shop.  Wednesday morning I drove with Kyle to the gym and busted out 4 repeat 800's at 8 minute per mile pace to make up for Tuesday's Zombie like state.  I felt good and I could have pushed faster, but I wanted to maintain that steady pace.  Worst thing about my run?  I couldn't stop sweating after I ran and showered, so I was late to work.  How does one put on slacks whilst still sweating.  It's tough.
The goal is for me to get home from work, cook dinner, and bring it up to the gym for Kyle and I to enjoy together after my PM weights session.  Busy, but still blessed!

Through all the little bumps in my days, I just kept telling myself that it was okay to give yourself some slack some days.  One Two missed workouts weren't the end of the world and a slice of pizza over starving was a fine solution.
When's the last time you had to cut yourself some slack?
When's the last time you called the tow truck?

Love and patience,
Carissa & Kyle
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