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Custom Color Contact Lenses - The Pros And Cons

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:32am 1 Comment
by Mike Rigby

There are only two types of custom color contact lenses on the market today. Those that are prosthetic which are mainly used to hide injuries or defects to the eyes or the special effects kind that are used mostly in the movies and theatre industries. In this article, we will try to explain in greater detail what custom color contact lenses are and who really needs them.

Prosthetic Custom Color Contact Lenses

Hand painted prosthetic custom color contact lenses are mostly hand made and are made to look as close to a normal human eye as possible. Their primary purpose is to replace an eye which has been damaged beyond repair and are often so close to the real thing that you would be hard pressed to tell that them them from the real thing.

Custom, soft lenses are made from special materials that are comfortable to the eye and able to bond with the multi-layered pigments used to create the depth and definition similar to a real eye

As prosthetic lenses are made to order, and can only be used by the one person, the prices for these custom color contact lenses are extremely high and sometimes cost up to a few thousands of dollars. It is primarily due to this reason that companies that manufacture these lenses do not usually offer any kind of refunds as they are one of a kind and only suited to an individual.

If you are in the market for these special lenses, you must make an appointment for a complete examination with any of the various companies that offer these lenses. Customers can usually be color-matched, measured and fitted during the very first consultation. During this consultation, any special needs that you may have will also have to be looked at and evaluated accordingly.

If care for properly, prosthetic custom color contact lenses will last up to two years. Just like regular contact lenses, they will also required a little maintenance to go the full distance. Custom color contact lenses can be made to correct most vision problems except from astigmatism.

Custom Color Contact Lenses - Special Effects

Special effects custom color contact lenses have been in use in the movie and theatre industries for many years and have only been available to the general public in the last few years. There are many stores on the web that offer a wide variety of custom color contact lenses to be used in movies, theatre or on special occasions like Halloween.

As with any contact lenses, you should see your local eye doctor or specialist before ordering or buying them. Special effects contact lenses also known as crazy contact lenses can be used purely as special effects lenses and/or to correct vision problems.

Every pair of lenses is custom made for the buyer and can come in such varieties as bloody or hemorrhaged eyes, aged eyes, cataracts, blind effects, and mirrored eyes.

Although quite expensive when compared to normal contact lenses, custom color contact lenses are like a piece of art and if treated properly can last several years. The lenses will you with lasting entertainment whether you are a professional working in theatre and movies or just to wear on special occasions like Halloween.

About the Author:
Before buying custom color contact lenses, please ensure that you read our quality article on custom color contact lenses and also answer any other concerns that you may have regarding colored contact lenses.

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Thanks for stating this pros and cons.. i am thinking to buy Colour Contacts in Canada. this article will help me to select rite one.
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