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Posted Jun 01 2013 7:25pm

Oh, my goodness.  

Well, in case we’re not Facebook friends or you’re not in my immediate family, I have an announcement to make…We’re moving back to NYC, and I’m going to Columbia University! Wahoo!

I’m studying Psychology, and I’m thrilled.

However, we’ve been totally exhausted, and I admit the move, and even my normal day to day activities just sound less fun to discuss right now.

So, instead, I’m going to do this fun survey that was on Julie’s blog.  Hopefully, it’s a nice bit of confection to entertain.



Current Book(s):

The Primal Blueprint , by Mark Sisson. After obsessing over his phenomenal website for what feels like a millennia, I finally remembered to take this lil’ gem out of the library.  I’m also reading Nourishing Traditions , the quintessential book of the Weston A. Price school of research.  Enjoying both thoroughly. 

Primal Blueprint

Current Music:

Stu Larsen, Amos Lee radio on Spotify, and this amazing disco practice that I borrowed from my bosses iPod.  I love Spotify – $10 a month for all the music you could want? Yes please!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

tea with coconut milk, tahini, yogurt with carob powder, awesome goat cheese from the farmers market…ooh, what that pleasure or pleasures?

Current Nail Color:

Nude. As a yoga teacher, I can’t really have nail polish, because they chip.  Actually, as a Kat, I can’t, because I chip them as soon as I breathe. 

Current Drink:

Sparkling water with apple cider vinegar. I used to have it with stevia, but I’m trying to cut back on that.

Current Food:

tomato, cucumber and tahini salad, roast chicken and veggies, yogurt.  Oh, and the other day I made an amazing shakshuka. 



Tastes sooo much prettier than it looked!

Current Favorite Show:

Grand Designs. Kevin McCloud is sooo much better than any anti-anxiety medication could ever be. Besides that, we don’t really watch any TV, which feels awesome.

Current Wish List:

To sell my bike, and Anthony’s desk. Ooh, and if it’s wishing for something, for an All American Pressure Canner. I want to can tomatoes while the sun shines, baby!

Current Needs:

To be gentle on myself, in the midst of all this crazy moving.  Besides that, absolutely nothing.

Current Indulgence:

Coconut oil. On my hair, on my face – it feels so spa like and indulgent.  A Sunday morning vegging on the couch.

Current Blessing:

Living with family we love, beautiful, local food in the fridge, time to walk and relax, the ability to donate to our favorite charity because of our engagement party.

Current Outfit:

Loose, blue linen pants, my blue patterned shirt, and a blank.

Current Excitement:

NYC in six weeks and six days – oh, how wonderful!

Question of the Day:

Your turn!

  • Current excitement?
  • Current reading?
  • Current blessing?



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