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Current Happenings

Posted Dec 11 2012 1:11pm

Oh HEY! So now that we are past the pumpkin craze, I figured it would be a good time to come out of hiding and start some more regular blog upkeep. There have been a lot of new beginnings over the past few months and I am incredibly grateful that 2012 is finishing off on such a high note ;)
Michael and Sarah
My favorite news for you all is that I just so happened to recently snag myself a runner almost as crazy as myself. I didn’t think a man like this actually existed. But he does! He’s that really good looking dude named Michael sitting next to me at The Biltmore in Newton. We had dinner with Sam and Nick a few weeks ago so they could scope him out. He passed the test! Confirmed a like-minded crazy runner. He also has excellent taste in clothes… so that helped ;) We are incredibly similar (scary?) and I’m ridiculously excited to be able to share so much with someone so awesome. Another sweet little factoid… he is also an amazing Father to quite possibly the cutest little 6 year old boy I have ever seen. You’ll be seeing more of Michael ;)
Sam and Nick

Oh and Thanksgiving already happened, didn’t it? Where did this year GO?
thanks dinner
Per usual, we had dinner around Noon at my Grandparent’s place in Middleboro. Typcal spread. Amazing turkey. I made boozey Grand Marnier Cranberry sauce…. and a huge salad of course. Because no meal is complete without a salad, duh.

My plate was a heaping mess of mostly salad, some turkey, turnip, squash, peas, a bit of cranberry sauce and this really great veggie bread? (at least that’s what the title of the recipe was) that my sister had made at my place the night before. Honestly it was amazing but was really more like a vegetarian stuffing. SO good. I had one plate and didn’t finish it all. I don’t understand overeating on holidays. I just treat holiday meals like I would any other. I would rather feel satisfied than miserable and overstuffed! Plus, that way I still have room for leftovers later :P
my plate
Dessert = Espresso. My Grandfather makes it on the stove. Old school style. We love it :D

Me and Sam! Sam just started her Boston Marathon training again! She is running with the MS team again. She had an amazing experience last year running with them. Here is her fundraising page :D
sarah and sam
Sarah wine black and white

$13 slinky red dress from Forever 21. Yep.
sarah standing wine

Also per usual, we headed over to my Aunt Carol’s after dinner (which was actually lunch in my mind but my Grandmother refuses to call any meal served on a holiday at noon, ‘lunch’. I can see why… calling a special meal ‘lunch’ sort of takes the specialness away from it, no?)
sam and nick at carols

Carol is also my Godmother and she is really the best ever <3
sarah and carol

Other Happenings!

Michael and I headed to the Cape that weekend after Thanksgiving to run a 5k in Dennis, the town I grew up in. We ran the Andrea Holden Thanksgiving Race. I actually had a PR! I came in 64th out of 687 :D 22:55 7:22 pace. Maybe if I didn’t drink the night before I would have run an even better race. Maybe? haha Michael placed 24th… because, well, he’s awesome like that. You can verify my claims here .

We had dinner with my friends Alec, Sam, and her husband Ricky. This is Sam with her adorable little girl, Zoey. Of course after dinner we just had to stop off at the grocery store for an ice cream fix ;) We stayed at my Dad’s new house in Yarmouth which is just breathtaking.
Sam and zoey

And don’t you worry, I’m still enjoying lovely wine o’clocks.
wine oclock
Louis , the Fromger at L’Espalier drew me this very useful clock after a Back Bay City Wine Tour a few weeks ago just to confirm that any hour is a good hour to have a wine o’clock. Thanks Louis! You made me feel much better :D

After this particular tour Christian, a co-founder of City Wine Tours wanted to treat his good friend Matt Bednarsky to a going away treat at L’Espalier ! Matt moved to Nashville to pursue a country music career! Check out his site. Ladies, I think he is single? I hope you’re having so much fun and success out there Matt!

Why such a discerning stare from me? That was really good Champagne!
L'Espalier sarah

Mike and Matt :D
Mike and matt

Oh boy. Get a little bubbly in me and I go wild. Especially when good cheese is involved.
Sarah and cheese

<3 City Wine Tours . This was an especially fun tour in the North End on 11/3. We just finshed up at Davide and were headed over to The Wine Bottega . The Wine Bottega btw is hands down my favorite wine shop in the city. I’ve probably mentioned this about 827261 times. But really it is the shizzle. Yep. Shizzle. All-natural, small production wines sold by really good, knowledgeable people.
wine tour

I also need to reiterate how awesome running with Michael has been. He really motivates me and pushes me harder than I would push myself. I’ve seen some serious improvements when I thought I was at a plateau! I <3 our run dates with all my heart ;)
8 miles

These days I’m running in Brooks Ravenna 3 . Not too pretty but they are MUCH lighter than my Kayannos. I feel like I am cheating on Asics but I am seriously loving the bouncy, lighter ride I’ve been getting out of my Brooks. Sorry Asics :/ But not really that sorry ;)

Sam and Nick finally got their engagemnt pictures! Gorgeous, right!? They are getting married at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton next September <3
Sam and Nick engagement

I am loving my new apartment in Newton. It is just so cute! This picture does not do the tree justice. It’s decorated in all gold and smells incredible.

Oh just a random wine o’clock at Strega in the North End ;)

I know, I know. I was going all crazy about how ridiculous pumpkin obsessions are. But serioulsy, it’s not September anymore, so it’s okay ;) This pumpkin frozen yogurt from Sweet Scoops in NH is amazeballs. Buy it. Seriously, buy it if you can find it. You might end up hating me for catalyzing an addiction. It’s that good!

I have had the occasional urge to whip out some old music and have been serenading my roommates and neighbors…. this is what I call ‘practicing’ heh

And seriously? Seriously.
gluten free date

No deep thoughts for today. That is all until next time! And by next time I swear it will be sooner than next year ;)

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